Hair Color Fantasy Shades


Fantasy shades range from deep jewel tones to subtle pastels.  We will evaluate your hair; in some cases, it is necessary to pre-lighten it before adding a direct dye.  We will need up to 3 hours for this service, depending on if your hair is virgin or previously dyed.

We have the ability to custom color hair extensions to match your fantasy shade.

Prices Start at $125

Duration 2 to 3 hours

Need a haircut or Trim?  Select "Add A Hair Cut" to add to your service

We are masters with artificial color extraction because we have lots of clients that change their fantasy shade a lot! These clients may like purple hair for a few months, and then choose to color their hair pink for a few months.

We also use artificial color extraction to remove unwanted toner from pre-lightened hair. This process may only take a few minutes, and we will keep a watchful eye on your hair.

Our products contain:

- No Bleach

- No Formaldehyde 

- No Peroxide

- No Ammonia 

What to expect:

1) We will wash your hair with a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo, rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

2) A generous amount of color extractor is mixed in a glass bowl, and then applied to damp hair. The solution is gently combed into the hair.

3) We will cover your hair with a plastic cap, place you under a hooded dryer for approximately 20 minutes. We will be checking the process, and processing times may vary based on natural hair porosity.

4) Hair is then washed thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo at least 3 times for up to 5 minutes.

5) To be sure the artificial dye is properly extracted, we will towel dry your hair, and apply ten volume developer for up to one minute, then we thoroughly rinse your hair. If dye is still present in the hair, we will repeat the process.

6) Once we have an even palette of color, we can then proceed with a color process. Keep in mind, your hair color will most likely look a bit brassy, therefore, a color process is necessary.

7) We will then test the health of your hair by preforming a "snap test." This is done by taking random strands of hair, gently pulling on them, and watching to see if your hair snaps into place, and does not break.

8) We can then proceed to the coloring process based on the results of the snap test. We may be able to balayage, and apply a one process color. Or we will simply apply an all over base color to then work in highlights at a later date when hair is healthier.

9) Be prepared to use sulfate-free shampoo, and hair masks to keep your hair healthy. Do not wash your hair for a few days after color.

10) Our best advice is not not change your color to often, and please avoid box dyes since they are more difficult to remove from hair.

As you may know, this process is time-consuming, and unfortunately, results are not guaranteed. If you have artificial dye in your hair and plan on a color change, please seek a professional's advice. Look for a salon with extensive experience with this process.  

Note: While there is a lot of fun to be had with a hair color chart and hair dye, if you have an existing hair color on your hair, you might need to be careful about the hair color remover and its process to achieve your baseline hair color to start from. While hair color trends for 2023 might get you ready for a fun season, taking the right precautions will get you there stress-free.