Hair Color Bond Builder Olaplex Add To Service Or Mask


Adding a bond builder to hair color, and bleach is a perfect way to repair keratin hair bonds that may damage during the color and bleaching process.   This process works best for chemically damaged hair and/or damage prevention.  

We use the Goldwell hair color and bleaching system, therefore our go-to bond builder is Goldwell Bond Pro+, but if you prefer Olaplex we can add it to your color process.  

Olaplex bond building contains an innovative molecule–Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate–scientifically proven to repair hair damage, by rebuilding broken disulfide bonds in any hair type. 

Add This Service to your bleach or color service

Price starts at $25 

A bond builder additive, such as Goldwell Bond Pro+, contains an amino-bonding system with panthenol and cationic polymers that straighten, stabilize and reinforce the bonds of the hair.  Most hair damage occurs during the lightening process, a bond builder will assure to preserve the health of your hair, leading to shine and beauty. The bond builder is added to lightener, and hair color, but may increase processing time.

Bond builders work best for fine and fragile hair, but are recommended for all hair textures, especially dry hair.   Let us help to keep your hair healthy by using a bond builder.   An added benefit is that a bond builder service will protect your hair from heat styling, and dry weather, by keeping moisture in your hair. As much as these products are miraculous, it is important to have the proper maintenance products for at-home care, have regular haircuts, and use low-heat thermal styling.

Both of these systems offer an after-processing mask, to build ultimate moisture into the hair.  You can request a mask treatment at your appointment.

These products are vegan and cruelty-free. PH balanced, Phosphate Free, Nut and Gluten Free,  and Paraben Free