Keratin bonded hair extensions are a staple in the industry, perfect for those who enjoy wearing their hair up, and natural hair flow and they last up to 5 months.  We are accepting new clients, and these individual strand keratin bonded hair extensions are available for same-day service since they are in stock at our salon!  No need to wait.

If you need to remove existing keratin bonds, click the below link, this appointment will allow time for removal.


We can also create micro-bonds for fine hair.

Price will vary based on the number of hair extensions added

Starting Price For A Full Head is $550

Duration 3 to 4 hours

Bar none, the most natural-looking hair extensions are individual strand types, i.e. keratin-bonded extensions and keratin bonded a.k.a. fusion hair.  When hair extensions hit the mainstream, 2 types were available individual hair extensions and sew-in weaves.  Today, both are available, but the sew-in type has changed from attaching large wefts of hair spanning the head sewn into a cornrow braid to the hair being sewn into a grid of underlying hair locks (beads).  Both have their advantages, but the latter will give you more hair per square inch of the head.  The sew-in method is not necessarily the best for thin hair and will be more obvious than individual strands.

Individual Strands

Both micro-beads and keratin-bonded hair extensions are attached to 20 +/- strands of hair, an extension is either melted into the strands or a micro-bead is threaded into the hair, and the extension is placed into the bead and clamped down with pliers.  

To achieve a natural look, dozens of extensions are placed throughout the head.  Be prepared for a long stay during your application.


1)  360-degree movement; the individual strands will move freely, similarly to natural hair, and can be worn up undetectably.  

2)  Very natural in appearance which will be hard to determine if you are wearing hair extensions. They are definitely recommended for those who prefer their hair not to scream "I am wearing hair extensions!'

3)  Longevity;  keratin bonded hair extensions stay in the hair for 4 to 5 months with little to no maintenance.

4)  Proper placement and application assure no damage; the extensions are placed in rows, a bit less than a 1/4" away from the scalp, and the section should be large enough to support the hair extension.  This application is tension-free and will not lead to pulling or worse, traction alopecia.

7)  Removal is simple, for keratin bonds, a removal solution is dropped directly on the bond, the bond is then cracked and the extension is gently pulled off the hair.  While wearing Keratin strands your natural hair shedding is accumulated, natural hair shedding will need to be gently removed.   We shed over 100 strands per day and our natural shedding will stay in the extension until it is removed.  

Individual Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions