Hair Perm For Boys, Female, And Non-Binary


We are experts at the lost art of creating beautiful curls and perms.

We can create loose to tight perms.

Prices start at $75 for short thin hair - price varies based on your own hair texture, density, and length

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours


Add a Hair Cut separately under hair cut service

Why Perm?

Permanent waving allows for fullness and waves like no other.  Many clients are tiring of their limp hair and desire the ease of styling that a perm offers.  You can have a wash & wear look!

So many naturally curly-haired clients are embracing their curls which has created a trend for those of us with straight hair. 

Types of Perms

There are 2 types of perm acid & alkaline,  Many with color-treated hair prefer acid wave to alkaline.   This is often a stylist's choice, leave it to a professional to choose the right perm for your hair, its condition, and your lifestyle.

Products For Perm

Moisture-inducing products are best for permed hair to keep it supple and shiny.  When a perm is applied properly, dryness should not be an issue.  We use the Matrix Biolage Perm and give our clients a take-home perm care package.

Type of Wave

Body Wave - With the use of larger perm rods or spiral perm rods, we can create a very loose perm which gives a wavy style & root lift.  Perm rods are color-coded by size.

Tight Perm -  A smaller rod will create a tighter curl, keep in mind the length of the hair is also a factor in determining proper perm rod size.  We can also use 2 perm rods per section of hair (Piggybacking).  

Root Perm - Concentrating the perm solely gives the roots a lift.  The rest of the hair stays void of perm solution.

Spot Perm - Works especially well on curly/wavy hair with different textures through out the head.  It allows your stylist to focus waves in different areas of the head creating a balanced look.

The other key takeaway is to go to a stylist with lots of experience to perm your hair. They are not called perm for anything, they are permanent so prepare to have roots as your hair grows.  At Noelle Salon, we have a variety of stylists that have been working with perms for years.  As with other hair services, experience, proper application and products will assure a fabulous outcome.