Hair Color One Process Color With A Hair Cut


One process may be the entire head one color or root touch-up including hair cut and blow dry.

Prices Start at $45 for color and $45 for cut

Duration approximately 2 hours

A one-process color will address grey hair, change your hair color all over (no bleach), and touch up your roots.  It is important to understand that this is not a foil or bleaching process.  

We are experts with greying hair, we use Goldwell USA hair color, and for those with sensitive scalps, All Nutrient hair color.  Our products will cover 50 percent to 100 percent grey hair.

If you are looking to go from light to dark hair, we may need to add a hair color filler to your process to avoid strange color undertones.  This will be determined at your scheduled visit and will affect the price and duration of your service.

Also, if you want to gloss up the ends of your hair, we will add a hair glossing service which is an additional fee and will increase the duration of your service.

Rest assured you are in expert hands, at-home hair color is filled with ammonia, and may lead to damage.  We adjust the developer and application time based on your natural hair color.

We also have hair peptide treatments  

Hair Peptides On Natural Hair

Products made for hair loss are different from the above, they are serums that contain water, castor oil, and caffeine such as; The Ordinary and Vegamour.  These products are oils that are massaged into the scalp for up to 4 months.  The jury is out on their effectiveness, they are quite pricey and if you research hair massage oil recipes, you can create your own.

In my opinion, the act of massaging the head will lead to increased blood flow to the hair follicles which ultimately produces hair growth.  Hair growth will only occur on stagnant hair follicles, not ones that are no longer alive due to scarring alopecia and pattern balding.

In Conclusion

Peptides are strings of amino acids and the precursor to protein, hair is made of protein, and peptides are small enough to penetrate the hair shaft,  and the concept is very exciting.  I am waiting for technology to create the "perfect peptide product." As of now, I am not confident about what is on the market.  I am seeking "botanical products," containing natural ingredients.

I am keeping my eye on "Virtue Density Booster," which contains four amino acid peptides, and red clover extracts that promise to combat hair loss.  I will give an update once I test the product on myself and the clients that agree to participate.