free transgender hair consultation

A Free Transgender Hair Consultation


Let's start with a free and/or private consultation.  We will address your hair needs whether it be a new style, cut, hair loss, color, and or hair extensions.  A consultation is the best way to start.

Proudly Serving the LGBTQ Community for over 20 years!  Ask away

Consultations are free

Duration will vary

Transitioning from male to female can be quite difficult when it comes to hair styling. Case in point, my lovely client visited our salon and was seeking an alternative to her wig. I noticed she had some hair loss at the top of the head but had plenty of her own hair below her crown. We created a plan for her to continue to wear her wig until she had some hair growth for us to attach our exclusive method of attachment which is gentle on natural hair.  

A few months later, she had a consultation, and we determined she had enough of her own hair to use the beaded matrix method to attach a 200% hair-density topper. A topper is far more comfortable than a wig, it is fit only to the top of the head, and can be worn on a daily basis. Every month or so, she will visit the salon to have her own hair, and topper, maintained. We remove the hair topper, wash & treat, as well as wash her own hair, the topper is then reattached.  

We never glue hair toppers directly to the scalp, nor do we shave any portion of the hair in order to apply it. This beautiful woman was open to my opinion regarding hair color, and she showed me pictures of styles she adores. The hair topper was carefully cut into layers with a soft curtain bang. The human hair can be washed and styled like her own hair.

We found this hair loss system is far more comfortable and more natural than a wig. Not everyone has hair at the top of the head, therefore, this system will give a natural look. The front of the topper is made of french lace that was cut and attached to create a natural hairline.

  • We do not glue
  • We do not sew
  • We do not braid
  • We do not use nylon threads (fish line)

At each consecutive appointment, we will address her needs and makes changes if necessary. The hair topper can be curled and ironed, but as with your own hair, we discourage using excessive thermal heat which will damage the fine strands. The hair topper is easy to maintain, we suggest washing it one to three times per week in the shower, never shampoo it upside down, applying a light leave-in product, and gently dry. If a client is not ready to wear the topper daily due to lifestyle, we will carefully clip the system on and off. Part of our service is to show you how to work with your new hair and offer at-home hair care with instructions.

Working with the LGBTQ community is so rewarding, not only are we changing appearances, but we are raising self-confidence. Hair is important in transitioning, and creating the perfect style is paramount. 

For those that have hair at the top-of-the-head, but lack length and volume elsewhere, we use hair extensions to create an ideal hairstyle. Our goal is to offer high-quality human hair toppers, with proper base construction, at an affordable price.  

We are a trans-friendly salon, and we have been working with the community for over fifteen years.  Before Covid, we would exhibit at "The First Event," New England's largest Transgender exhibition, fashion show, and more.

If you are interested in a new hair transformation, book a free and private consultation. We will give our best advice, and I promise you will look as spectacular as the beautiful client in our picture.