Hair Thinning In women

Hair Thinning In women

Hair Thinning in women s reaching pandemic numbers these days.  Many believe this is due to the level of stress we are under and our western lifestyle/diet.  I always recommend that my client's seek a physicians advice, blood work and medical testing before opting for an aesthetic solution such as Veila Hair Toppers.  Once medically cleared, which most people may be diagnosed with Female Pattern Hair Loss, then we can get to work creating the perfect style with our Veila Hair Toppers.

What types of hair loss are commonly seen

There are a few autoimmune disorders that will affect hair loss, Alopecia Areata is one, Lupus is another - where the immune system attacks your follicles or your skin imbalance due to swelling can make you lose hair or develop thinning hair. Hormonal imbalances, side effects of cancer treatments, fungal infections are other medical conditions outside of the immune response. Most of these cannot be solved with hair transplant solutions, or hair care products that would promote hair growth.

There are no cures for Alopecia Areata and other autoimmune diseases. People with Alopecia Areata cannot treat hair loss since the imbalance is internal. To find more information seek out the American Academy of Dermatology. At Noelle Salon, we look at practical solutions for a variety of female pattern baldness, where quality and lifestyle still meet comfort and an amazing look.

What Makes Veila Hair Toppers Different

The number one answer is two fold, superior virgin (one donor) hair quality and strong cap construction.  Without this wearing a hair topper will be difficult; inferior hair quality will knot and matte and poor cap construction will lead to hair shedding.

The second answer is proper application.  We never shave or glue our hair systems in place (as many hair loss clubs do).  Instead, we carefully tie the hair system in place with our revolutionary application method which does not cause undo stress to already compromised hair follicles.

Selecting The Best Hair Topper For You

Hair toppers are made in a variety of sizes to suit our clients head shape and coverage area.  Additionally there are other important factors.

1). Hair Topper Length

2). Hair Topper Density

3). Hair Topper Wave Pattern

4) The Part (middle, side or bangs)

5) The Perimeter (what is most comfortable) such as ribbon or polyurethane.

6) Style

Speaking of Style

We have the ability to create a color change or style change with a Veila hair topper.  In the photo below, we changed the clients hair color to a highlighted blonde.  This was easy to achieve because she chose a hair topper that was cut into a lob (long bob) and none of her own hair is exposed.  

Hair Thinning in Women

Picture of client with Androgenetic Alopecia

Client's with longer hair may choose to select a topper that perfectly blends and matches their current hair color.  Hair toppers do come in a variety of colors, and in most cases we can create a seamless  blend.  In other cases, we may need to customize the topper color by using a low ammonia semi-permanent hair color.  Being a hair stylist is so important because we have the training and expertise to achieve perfect color and styling.

One of my clients showed me a picture of her hair before she experienced hair thinning, and that was the look she wanted to achieve.  The photo showed a shoulder length, long layered rich brown head of hair.  I found the perfect color topper and I dyed her own hair (which was gray) to match the topper.  Human hair toppers allow you to cut, curl and style like your own hair (this can not be achieved with synthetic hair).  I used a curling wand to give her a beautiful beachy wave curl and showed her how to do it herself.  My heart skipped a beat as she looked at herself in the mirror.  It was if she went back in time and I could feel her renewed self-confidence!

How To Proceed

Realistically consider what hair style and color you would like to achieve. Understand that larger cap and longer hair toppers are a bit more costly.  Seek a professional that has lots of hands on experience.  Visit the professional's website, look at their social media and expect to see before and after photos that resonate with you.  Ask for a free consultation and go with your gut.

The experience should be a pleasant one, if not life changing.  If it is less, then it is time to find a new stylist.

"Helping women to feel their best with what we do with our own two hands!"  Noelle Spinosa







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