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Home Hair Color

Lets talk about dying your hair at home.  I am no snob about dying your hair at home, and there is not a conspiracy amongst hair stylists trying to stop you.  But, I can tell you there are some facts you must know before dying your hair at home.  First & foremost, box dye is usually the go to product - you see a familiar celebrity with shiny hair on the box cover and you may think - wow!  I can assure you the celebrity on the cover of the box is not using this color!  Why - hair color is not one size fits all.  As a hair professional, there are many factors we consider before putting any chemical on your hair - especially hair dye!  

1)  The natural color of your hair and the realistic color you will achieve

2)  The type of hair color - semipermanent, semipermanent, permanent dye.  

3)  The percentage of peroxide needed to achieve your desired color

4)  The density of your hair and porosity

5)   The existing chemicals in your hair (bleach, hair color, relaxers)

6)   The undertone of your current color

7)  The level of your hair color

8)  Many color contain metallic salts

is a science and there is no way a box dye can determine all of the above facts.  Unless your hair is virgin or you are dying your hair the same level of color - the outcome can be disastrous and the $6 box of hair dye will turn into a $300 in salon color correction.

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What you need to understand is that big companies use a high volume of peroxide and tons of ammonia in their dye to attempt to achieve consist results and that is where the trouble begins.  Not to mention, box dye contains metallic salts this stabilizes the hair color, but what happens when you attempt to change your color? The metallic salts when combined with another hair dye can completely break your hair off.  Also, the damage to your hair follicles can be irreparable.  Running the color from roots to ends is also a bad idea - your hair can turn to mush or become extremely dry and lack luster.

Henna dye is natural, but it also contains metals which makes it impossible to change your hair color with professional hair dye.  Not everything natural is perfect!

And please-- NEVER attempt to bleach your hair at home, especially with a bleaching kit.  Need I say more, I know we have all heard the catastrophic stories about home bleaching.

I get it, you may not be able to afford a salon hair color service! I beg you to at least go to a beauty supply store, such as Sally's, and purchase a color that you can tailor to your needs with the proper peroxide percentage.  Many beauty supply chains have staff that can help you to tailor the color best suited for you.

I am not a fan of "Blorange" hair (blonde orange), and this is the most common color correction.  A customer looked at a box of color labeled ash wheat blonde meanwhile her own hair is dark brown.  There is no way a dark brown head of hair can jump up to ash wheat blonde with hair color, particularly if the hair has been already dyed dark brown. Even consider this how to balayage & colorful hair.

So to reiterate, purchase color from a beauty chain, only dye within the same level, do not bleach at home and if you need me I am here to help!  


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