Lupus Alopecia Hair Loss

Lupus Alopecia Hair Loss

Imagine the fear when given the diagnosis of Lupus (an autoimmune disease) of which 50% will develop Alopecia (hair loss). This medical condition is an autoimmune disease that is treatable, but not yet curable, unlike some fungal infections. Many of our clients that developed Alopecia Areata enter our salon with hair loss due to this disease, and they feel secure knowing our great knowledge of lupus alopecia hair loss and what steps we take to improve their hair.


Lupus Alopecia (hair loss and/or thinning) occurs when the body rejects it's own hair follicles causing them to thin or fall out.  

The goal is to treat the disease in early stages, this will help decrease hair loss the quicker lupus is treated.  A marker of high disease activity is greater hair loss which decreases hair regrowth.

Alopecia is a common diagnosis for "hair loss" which can occur for many reasons.  We are focusing on hair loss due to Lupus which is very common.  Like Alopecia there are three specific types of hair loss from lupus.

1). Diffuse - Hair loss and thinning hair all over the scalp as well as top of the head, hair line and part.

Before and After A Small Hair Loss System

Lupus/Alopecia Hair loss

2) Focal - Like Alopecia Areata this is hair loss in one focused area. Most often a quarter size area or larger

Before and After Full Size Hair Loss System

Lupus Alopecia Hair Loss

3). Lupus Hair - Thinning weak hair which presents with decreased hair density, sparse hair follicles and thin ends of the hair.

Before & After Hair Extensions 

lupus alopecia hair loss

See Your Physician

As previously mentioned, hair loss can occur in 50% of people diagnosed with lupus and 30% in children.  We are not clinicians, rather we treat the look of the hair with hair loss systems and hair extensions.   A physician will treat the disease and possibly the hair loss: often times with steroid lotions or injections.  

If you are loosing hair and do not have a diagnosis it is important to see your Primary Care Physician who may send you to a Rheumatologist or Dermatologist.  You should never diagnose yourself or receive a diagnosis from a non-medical establishment.

Next Step

If you are looking for help to improve the appearance of your hair, ask your physician if you are a candidate for a hair topper or hair extensions. 

Upon entering our Hair Loss Studio, we will also evaluate your hair, discuss if you are using topical medicines and perform a tug test on strands of hair through out your scalp.  If an over abundance of hair fall out while performing a tug test, then you are actively shedding hair and it is not a good time to attach a hair loss system or hair extensions to your hair.

Based on your evaluation, we will show you options of what will work best for your hair, aesthetically.

1) Hair Loss System:  Looks like a partial wig, with a base that may allow topical medicines to penetrate.  We attach by tying into your own hair, never shaving or gluing.  Our goal is to maintain the health of your hair and future hair growth by not adding a hair loss system that is too large or heavy for your hair follicles.  This system works well with hair loss at the top of the head such as "diffuse hair loss" and " Focal hair loss."  

Maintenance is simple.  We remove, wash your hair and the hair loss system and reattach every 4 weeks or so depending on how quickly your hair grows.  You also have the option for a free tightening in between visits.

2) Hair Extensions:  We offer a variety of hair extensions methods and attach based on your hair follicle strength.  Individual style hair extensions are great for weak crown and sides of the hair and our Veila Pull-Thru hair extensions work perfectly on hair that has sparse ends that require thickness.  

It is important to carefully apply the extensions to not cause undo stress on hair follicles, as well as not adding too much length which may be too heavy for the hair.  

We often use hair extensions for diffuse hair loss which is thinning hair to give a fuller head of hair.

Lupus alopecia is emotionally trying, it is our passion to give your hair that restores your confidence.  Compassion + Knowledge + Service is what we are here for.




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