No Expensive Hair Extensions On Jerry Springer

No Expensive Hair Extensions On Jerry Springer

The Jerry Springer show is known for catfights, hair pulling, clothes being ripped off, Jerry features the most salacious stories most involving torrid affairs and messy guests. Why do the guests still insist on wearing hair extensions on the show knowing that their hair will be ripped out from the root?  It's bad enough to have your own hair pulled out, but "ouch" hair extensions make it even worse.  One would assume most of Jerry's guests are paid to act trashy, but watching good hair be yanked from the scalp makes my heart bleed. 

Guest types

Outside of the Trailer parks, or the less fortunate sides of society there are real human struggles in the Jerry Springer Show.  Some Transgender drama erupt when individuals have to come clean with their relationships.  Some are tricked into intimacy with online shenanigans, and at times it is true love.  In a lot of cases, there is cheating due to dodgy commitments and people trying to push or stretch their relationships into impossible situations.  All of which Jerry's staff gather all that are involved and pack a punch for 10 minutes of televised mayhem.  And when it comes to the female persuation or there is long hair involved - hair is going to get wrecked!!

Hair on stage

A ratchet wig or weave is probably a better option, one made of plastic that can be found at a costume shop.  The most expensive, best hair extensions are usually worn on the "Stripper Wars" show, most likely because they have the funds to afford the good stuff.  I literally watched a stripper attacked by a woman twice her size pouncing on her with a fistful of keratin bond hair extensions in her hand.  I think I saw blood ("My Husband Left Me For A Hooker"). If it were me, I would definitely wear a wig and protect my own hair, then again, I would not be caught dead on the show.  Clip-in hair extensions are a good option too, less costly and less pain when torn out. I can't imagine the reward the guests are receiving for being abused and humiliated on Jerry that would make it worth their while.  I have yet to hear of anyone becoming famous from appearing on the show.  I don't know what is sadder, fighting over a man or watching the wigs and weaves get snatched off their heads.

A full head of human Remy hair extensions ranges in price from $500 to $2000.  It is like taking a Ferrari to a demolition derby!!

No Expensive Hair Extensions On Jerry Springer

I had to switch to watching "The Maury Show", the women roll around the ground while waiting for paternity results, better than destroying perfectly fine hair.  

Bad Girls Club is even worse, these women are wearing high-end weaves, when fights ensue, their hair is on the ground while on-seekers step all over the hair extensions. What a mess!  

Jerry Springer is doing something right, 30 years of the same content, and people want more! Honestly, I stopped watching "Jerry" in my twenties, the whole mess is cringe-worthy!   In summary - Hair Extensions are not Jerry proof, and if you have to have hair extensions, pick The Maury Show, it is much safer for your hair.

Hair Extensions Background

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