Transgender Hair Extensions

Transgender Hair Extensions

At Noelle Salon, we are usually the first call a Transgender client makes when transitioning from male to female.  What sets women apart from men is their hair, second is generally hair removal.  As the world embraces change in gender identity, people are addressing their transition needs younger.  The younger the person the easier it to create a feminine style. whether long or short.  In the past, I worked with many older people in transition from male to female, and hair loss was a big factor.  We work with all ages, but their needs vary based on their current hair condition.

Transgender Hair Extensions

Hair Topper vs. Wig

Women and men shy away from wigs because they are very uncomfortable, unnatural looking, and not necessary.  A wig works well for complete hair loss, but only 5% of our client base is totally bald.  The best option for top-of-the-head hair loss is a hair topper a.k.a. hair system.  We apply the hair topper in the same way we apply for any type of hair loss; utilizing a series of micro links threaded into the hair.  We never shave or glue our hair toppers in place since this can permanently damage hair when applying and removing.

The goal is to blend a comfortable human system, in the proper size, into the client's natural hair.  Our hair toppers are virtually undetectable, secure, and very natural-looking.  We have many clients that enjoy an active lifestyle wearing our hair toppers, and they have the ability to take it off and convert it into a clip-on system.  Many will use clip-on systems if they are not living as a woman on a daily basis.

Transgender Hair Extensions

Hair extensions work beautifully on clients that are ready to live as women and desire longer, thicker, or more feminine hair.  Client's who have not experienced hair loss benefit from hair extensions.  We can immediately create a feminine style in a matter of a few hours. hair extensions also require less maintenance.  

Hair extensions help so many grow out their natural hair during that "awkward" growth stage.  We use a variety of hair extensions to suit our clients' hair needs.  Our most popular are Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions since they are not applied with glue, tape, or sewing.  They are easy to maintain and are tension-free, meaning they will not pull on natural hair.  

Extensions are temporary, they work well once hair is grown in or for gender fluid clients because they can easily be removed.  In the case of Veila Pull-Thru extensions, the extensions can be saved and used at a later date. 


Pull-thru Method with Veila Hair Extensions

Our flagship line of hair extensions uses silicon-covered microbeads as opposed to plastic microbeads and has dedicated hair extension tools to work with applying them and removing them. Our hair wefts are made of virgin hair, and we use a crochet hook to pull-thru the original hair strands so that we can then apply the microbeads. Virgin hair extensions deliver the highest quality hair and have the greatest customer satisfaction. When it comes to hair care, the product or service word of mouth is crucial to our business, and that includes the maintenance of personal care products to maintain your hair extensions.

Trust and Compassion

Some are more comfortable with their transition than others, therefore, we offer a private area for services.  We want to build trust with our clients, their anonymity is important to us.  We want them to feel comfortable, and we are always open to talk if they are comfortable. If a client feels uncomfortable, it is our goal to treat them with compassion and respect, they can count on us to be there with any questions regarding their new hair.

Building A Community

It has been my honor to be a voice to the LGBTQIA community.  I have been featured in many news articles and television segments regarding transitioning.  I have often been the first person a client has talked to about their transition, and I am honored.  I work with many advocacies and health care centers, such as Fenway Health of Boston, Massachusetts, as well as local businesses that support the community.

A human touch, combined with excellent customer service is what we aspire to.  It is our mission to help from the outside in.

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  • Hello I have a newly “out” trans daughter and I would love to get her extensions in the growing out phase- could you give an estimate on cost of just past the shoulder length extensions?? Thanks

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