What Are Hidden Bead Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

What Are Hidden Bead Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied hair extensions are becoming very popular these days, many love them because they allow for an optimum amount of hair per square inch of the head area.  They are affixed with a sew-in method in which we sew hand-tied hair extensions around a bead to secure the hair extensions.  They are placed in rows of hair throughout the head based on head size, hair density, and desired outcome.  A candidate should have strong hair follicles to support the hair extensions.  I often suggest other methods of hair extensions for fine and fragile hair such as; Veila pull-thru hair extensions or individual hair extensions.


What Are Hidden Bead Hand Tied Hair Extensions?


What Makes Hidden Bead Different from Other Hand Tied Techniques?

The hidden bead hand-tied method is exactly as it sounds, the micro-bead attachment is hidden, whereas with other techniques the bead is visible.  The technique takes an extra step to apply because the client's hair is sandwiched in between the wefts of hair.  This is especially essential when wearing hair up, and is far more comfortable than exposed micro-beads. Small hand-tied tracks are expertly placed across the diameter of the head, a lot of your own hair is left out to hide the attachment area, which is especially important when wearing buns and ponytails.

Since there is no glue or tape used, the removal process is gentler on natural hair.  There is no messy residue to remove which is best for the hair. 

Does It Hurt To Apply

Our highly experienced hairstylists will carefully apply the hair extensions to avoid tension.  We evaluate our client's hair to determine the amount of hand-tied wefts to attach, and the hair is evenly distributed in the hair to avoid pulling.

What Is The Difference Between Hand Tied Hair and Machine Sewn Wefts?

Hand-tied hair is tied onto a string by hand.  The wefts are much smaller than machine-sewn wefts, and they are very tiny (see picture below).  Several hand-tied wefts can be stacked onto the hair, they are lightweight and undetectable.  The quality of the hair is superior because each strand is evaluated and in one direction which avoids matting and tangles. The hair extensions are double drawn which is thick from roots to ends.

Machine sewn wefts have a thicker track which makes it difficult to stack upon each other and create a voluminous look. They can often be uncomfortable and may be visible.  The quality may vary and there is not as much detail in their creation which can lead to inferior hair quality.


What Are Hidden Bead Hand Tied Hair Extensions?


How Long Do They Last

With proper at-home care and salon attention, some may last up to 1 year.  They are re-applied every 8 weeks or so based on how quickly your hair grows.  They are perfectly safe to remove and reapply at the same visit.

Can Hand Tied Hair Be Styled As Usual?

Yes, they are made of high-quality 100% Remy human hair or virgin (one donor hair) therefore, they can be blown dry, curled with an iron (natural curl or curly hair), and flat ironed. I often tell my clients that the less heat the better, just like our own hair.

Color Matching

At Noelle Salon, we stock our own brand of virgin Remy hair which will blend with your own hair seamlessly. The best part is that we can stack a few shades of color per row which creates a perfect color blend. Our clients are often amazed as to how well the extension matches their own hair.

In closing, we stock a variety of hair extension methods to suit your own hair needs. It is important to receive a consultation that will help determine which method will work for your hair and lifestyle. Not all hair extensions are created equal, we will explain the differences between each method and give our expert advice. Unlike Bellami hair, we discuss your natural hair journey, identify your hair care needs and focus on human hair extensions to obtain the best results. There are other types and methods such as tape-in extensions, or clip-in hair extensions, both of which are not as suitable in comparison. Tape-in hair extensions for example can damage your hair upon removal.

Have you tried "hidden bead hand-tied hair extensions?" If so, please let us know about your experience - this helps others to understand the differences!







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