What Hair Color Is Trending In 2022?

What Hair Color Is Trending In 2022?

The most requested color for the new year is  called "ginger red!" There is much more to this multi-tonal color than one would expect; under different lighting, you will see notes of violet and copper which are often considered an unexpected color combination. As stylists, we are taught that there are two types of red hair color; orange-based or blue-based, in this case combing shades creates a subtle violet undertone.  

Many of our clientele enter our salon showing pictures of this beautiful color, but I always preach the photoshop/filter lesson.  On social media, many of the hair colors are photoshopped, it is not very fair to a stylist trying to create the impossible.  Of course, if we have the perfect medium brown virgin hair, we can achieve very close to the filtered color, but that is not the usual client.  Most of us have processed hair, color build-up, dark shades, and chemical damage. 

What Hair Color Is Trending In 2022?

The "ginger red" color is replacing some of the fashion shades such as pink, purple, and pastels. The look is vivid, but not artificial.  The picture above is of our client who originally had dyed dark hair.  Below are the steps we took to achieve her new color. She loved the end result.  She also wanted matching hair extensions, which presented another unique hair color challenge.

The Process

1) We used Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor to remove the black hair dye present in her hair. Color remover strictly removes artificial hair dye, leaving the hair with some strange hues.  After extracting her hair color, we were left with a golden red shade which was a perfect base to apply the ginger red color.

2) The mid-shaft of her hair had some remaining dark hair color, therefore, we used a gentle bleach wash (at the sink) to remove the underlying color pigment.  This is fairly common when removing color, and requires keeping a watchful eye on hair.  Once the hair was even at an even tone, her hair was washed and we used a porosity equalizer called  "K-18."

3) Her hair was dried and we mixed two formulas (1) for her dark roots using a permanent color and (2) for the rest of her hair using a semi-permanent color.

4) We use Matrix SoColor, the line offers amazing reds!  The key is to use intense reds which are represented by double letters such as; RR, CC (intense red & copper).  

5) We chose a level 6 which covered her hair very well while keeping the color light enough to appreciate the colorful hues. The level of color will change based on one's natural hair color and desired intensity.

6) Once processed, her hair was washed and we treated her hair with Olaplex 3 to help lock in the color and repair the bonds of her hair.

The end result was exactly what she wanted, mirroring the filtered picture she desired.  Now on to the hair extensions...

Coloring Hair Extensions

1) Finding the perfect red color in hair extensions can be a challenge.  Therefore, be prepared to have your extensions glossed to create the perfect blend.

2) We used keratin bonded individual strands in color #33 which Is copper-red. The extension color was not as intense as her new color. So before applying we used a clear gloss combined with a bit of intense red/copper. 

3). Keep an eye on the extensions, and be prepared to wash once desired color is achieved

4) The extensions were dried thoroughly before applying.

What To Know

Whether you're a  stylist or client, please understand that the hair dye must be intense and most likely pre-lightened prior to application.  Be prepared to use a porosity equalizer and deep conditioning treatment such as Olaplex 3.

Hair must be in decent condition to withstand the color process.  Understand hair limitations and possible color variations. Be sure to use the best maintenance products at home.

This is considered a "color correction", therefore, the price for the service will reflect as such.  The hair extensions may or may not be on the ticket, but prepare for an extra charge if they are. 


Ginger hair color is definitely on trend for 2022, almost as popular as blonde hair!  In fact, many blonde hair customers are changing their color to ginger!  Keep in mind, going back to blonde will take time, so think long and hard before making the transformation.

Hair color is one of the many services we specialize in.  If you have any questions or formulas please feel free to comment below.  We love to support other stylists. If you are a customer, please do not try this at home.

It is our goal to be on top of the latest color trends!  Ginger hair color is just one of the many colors we create.  We consistently train on new color techniques, brands, and products to give our customers the ultimate salon experience and style.

Note: We have documented techniques when it comes to hair color removers, and picking out hair color charts as well as what were the hair color trends for 2021. To get all your hair color ideas from light ash, light blond, dark blond, blond highlights, all various shades of red to brown hair color - if you aren't sure, reach out to us and we are happy to assist you. 


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