90 day fiancé Darcey's hair

90 day fiancé Darcey's hair

Show Notes from Hair Matters Podcast 90 Day Fiance & Realty TV Clients  

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The Silva Twins of 90 Day Fiance fame have received much flack about their hair & hair extensions.  We were fortunate enough to give their hair a complete makeover!  Darcey Silva wanted Icy blonde extensions & hair color - they no longer wanted to wear tape hair extensions and opted for a more natural hair extensions.  We used individual keratin (fusion) strand extensions!  But first we attacked their hair texture, the Silva twins are mixed race and their own hair tends to be a bit coarse.  We decided to used a Truss product called HairLiss to tame their mane and the result was fabulous!  The twins were super happy with their natural look which lasts for 5 months with little to no maintenance!

Darcey Silva Hair  90 Day Fiance Darcey's Hair

We traveled to their home in Connecticut on a Sunday and they were exactly like you see on 90 Day Fiance, fun, emotional & kind.  It appears that Darcey is no longer in a relationship with Tom Brooks!  A little birdie told me that he is not as rich as he claims.   Stacey Silva's relationship with Florian is legitimate & we were present for many facetime interactions.  The cast of 90 Day Fiance & Pillow Talk on TLC really seem to get along - there was lots of contact and only positive compliments.  Darcey & Stacey also explained that their hair can be an issue on set because they have little time to get ready for shoots, no "glam squad" and weather is a factor.  Unlike "Bravo" reality stars,  they do not have the lightening and staff or perhaps budget.  

We also learned from the Silva Twins & other reality TV stars that there is lots of editing, not so much scripting.  But,  the producers are pretty amazing at creating story lines and not showing their stars in the best light.  They also like to "feed" the stars a few drinks - we all know what happens with alcohol!  The talent is also pushed, prodded to act a bit outrageous!  People are rather hard on Darcey & Stacey - claiming they are too fake; lips, botox, etc.  They are not unlike many television stars,  attempting to look their best!

Being in the beauty business has afforded many opportunities to meet some incredible people whether stars or not!  






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