Application Of Hair Extensions To Trichotillomania Clients

Application Of Hair Extensions To Trichotillomania Clients

The application of hair extensions to trichotillomania clients is very important to understand.  The below information will help when considering them.

How To Approach And Prepare For Application

The best approach to prepare for hair extension application begins with a free and private consultation where hair is evaluated to determine whether or not hair extensions or a hair system is suitable.  Client's with all-over hair loss or patches are best suited for hair extensions, the method of hair extensions will vary based on hair density.  I find many clients do not pull their hair while wearing hair extensions, they state that pulling on extensions does not give the same sensation as pulling on their own hair. 

Determining Hair Extension Weight And Quantity

After qualifying our clients' needs, we then determine which method of extensions will work best to fill in the hair.  A client with short hair may benefit from creating a slightly longer style.  For example, below, a client with thick hair with diffuse hair loss, wanted a "style," so we created a long bob that blended with her own very short hair.  We used Veila Pull-Thru hair extensions which give optimum volume and coverage.  The Pull-Thru method does not utilize glue, tape, or sewing, they are very gentle on natural hair.  Our goal is to help clients' hair grow and not promote further damage.

Individual Strand extensions work very well on clients with fine hair suffering from Trichotillomania because they are tiny and can be hidden in the hair.   Clients with medium to thick hair can use tape-in hair extensions, pull-thru, or hand-tied hair because the aforementioned offer lots of hair per square inch.

The client pictured below has thick hair, her hair was filled with 2 packs of Veila Hair Extensions which weigh 100 grams.  The length applied was 20 inches, and was cut to blend with her own hair.  Her natural hair was colored to a warm brown,  two-tone color (warm brown & caramel) hair extensions were applied.


Application Of Hair Extensions To Trichotillomania Clients


Styling Options And Considerations

Hair extensions must be made of human hair, our hair is virgin (one-donor hair)  creates the most natural blend.  There are some extensions made of synthetic hair which is impossible to wash, style, and add thermal heat.  Synthetic hair is made of plastic and will melt when heat is applied.  Remy human hair extensions can be washed, dried, and styled like natural hair.  We offer an array of styling products that assist with the styling process.  

It is important to consider that hair extensions take a bit more effort to upkeep since there is more hair to deal with.  The good news is that they hold an incredible curl, many clients wash their hair less often with their extensions.  Using a dry shampoo to repel natural oil works very well in between shampoos.  

Application And Client Feedback

The application process varies between one to four hours based on the amount of hair added.  Our client's feedback has been quite favorable, most find their new look life-changing!  Transforming a person's entire look and self-esteem is very rewarding.  Hair extensions offer 
"instant gratification," for all.

Hair Color And Styling

We often color our client's hair prior to applying for hair extensions and then match our extensions to their new hair color.  In some instances, the client will opt to simply match their existing color which is perfectly fine. 

Maintaining hair color is not a problem, we can color roots and/or highlight them while wearing extensions.  Many hair extensions are reusable, (pull-thru, hand-tied & tape), therefore we remove the extensions, apply the color and reapply the hair extensions in one visit.

Styling Considerations:

1)  It is important to dry the extensions, and use the recommended styling products.

2) When curling or flat ironing with thermal heat, the temperature of the implement should be at a medium setting.  Excessively high heat (over 350 degrees) can cause breakage and compromise the longevity of the extensions.

Home Maintenance and Check-ups

Maintenance is simple for most and will vary from person to person.  If hair is oily, it will require more washing while thicker hair requires less.  Ocean swimming is fine, but chlorinated water will damage hair.  We suggest wearing a bathing cap. or avoiding getting the extensions wet. We give a written set of instructions to every client and we suggest a free two-week check-in to ensure the extensions are working well.

Consecutive visits will vary based on the extension method utilized, keratin hair extensions are removed and a new set applied.  Other methods require "move-ups" and the hair extensions are re-used. 

Note: There are certain types of hair extensions that do not address the situation well, which are offered by the likes of Bellami hair which offers tape-in extensions, or clip-in hair extensions even though they have a good color match palette. Clip-in ponytails can be a good occasional application if the client can manage it, styling with a natural curl is all part of the client's natural hair journey.

Hair extensions are a perfect way to fill in the "gaps" caused by hair loss due to Trich.  We are interested in hearing from you, we love to collect data to make our client experience the best it can be.  Feel free to post questions and feedback.


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