Can Black Dyed Hair Be Colored Blonde

Can Black Dyed Hair Be Colored Blonde

Can Black Hair Be Colored Blonde? Expert Insights

There are so many factors to consider before lightening your black hair to blonde, and understanding that you may not be blonde in one salon visit, it is a slow process to achieve the perfect tone of blonde. Please be honest with your hairstylist when they ask what color services are in your hair, many times our clients do not tell us that they achieved black hair with box dye that reacts differently than professional dye. In essence, your hair needs to be healthy to lift out black dye. In this blog we will explore how to color black hair blonde, and if it is worth it.

a color correction from black to warm golden blonde

What is the process of going from black to blonde hair?

Going from black to blonde hair typically involves several steps, including hair bleaching to remove the black color, followed by toning to achieve the desired blonde shade. It is a complex process that is best done by a professional to minimize damage to the hair.

black dyed hair

Black to Blonde Hair - A Realistic Approach

Can Black Dyed Hair Be Colored Blonde? The answer relies solely upon the type of dye and how often your hair has been dyed black. If your hair was dyed with a box color purchased from a drugstore, the odds of achieving blonde hair in one visit are null. With the proper procedure, you can most likely achieve caramel highlights via balayage or foiling. Additionally, it is important to note that black hair dye can stain the strands, and you might notice reddish or orange tones as the bleach lifts. However, if you have been craving a major transformation and want to go from black to blonde hair, it is recommended to seek out a professional to minimize damage and ensure the health of your hair. This is one DIY hair makeover we wouldn't recommend.

a realistic balayage hair color

Box Hair Color Complications

If your hair was dyed professionally, but multiple times and the black dye has been run through your ends once or twice - you should expect to achieve a multi-tonal color result with highlights and balayage technique. This process can take several hours.

a corrective color with warm balayageThe result on Hair that was dyed black in the salon, balayage multi-tonal blonde

If your hair has been dyed black at a professional salon using professional colors once or twice - then the odds are greater to achieve platinum blonde or a very light blonde tone. This is the best predicament since the hair dye should be easier to remove. 

a bleach and tone corrective color

Strand Testing Black Hair Before Color Correction

Black hair dye is heavily pigmented and after several color removal processes, we may be able to render lighter hair. Keep in mind, that the integrity of your hair is paramount since bleach will be used with color remover. If your hair is damaged do not do this.

Also, do not try this at home! Corrective color should be left to the professionals since we can properly gauge your hair porosity and know how to proceed. Remember results vary since we do not know how your hair will react. It's crucial to consult with a professional colorist before going blonde to ensure the best results. A professional salon will consult with you before color correction and perform a strand test. Demand a strand test before proceeding to ensure the best results. Once you go blonde, prepare for purple shampoo to become your new best friend. Since purple is across from yellow on the color wheel, the color helps cancel out brassy and yellow tones in your blonde, which will keep it a cool, creamy shade similar to what you walked out of the salon with.

a client with a color remover process hair color end result

The Role of Olaplex When Bleaching and Using Toner

We love Olaplex and other buffers in our bleach which prevents hair bonds from breaking. Using Olaplex and other buffers in the bleach process is crucial when transitioning from black to blonde hair. These products help to protect the integrity of your hair by preventing the hair bonds from breaking. This is especially important because the process of removing black dye can be quite intensive and may require multiple color removal processes.

It's important to note that achieving a platinum or very light blonde tone after black hair dye can be more easily attainable if your hair is dyed professionally using high-quality colors. Professional colorists have the expertise to properly gauge your hair porosity and determine the best approach for color correction.

a transformation from dark hair to blonde hair

Find the right stylist with years of experience working with both bleach and hair dye for black-to-blonde hair correction.

As a hair colorist, I can tell you it takes years of experience to learn corrective color, and there is a mystery factor because all hair is different and the results are never guaranteed. Color correction is not simply adding a new color on top of your old color and expecting the outcome to be the color on a swatch book or box of hair dye.

How Color Remover Works; Get Ready For Corrective Color And Scalp Buffer

1) Color remover is applied to your hair, this is a sulfur-based solution that strips the artificial dye from the hair. On healthy hair, we can apply the remover up to 2 to 3 times. 

2) After the color removal process the hair will look orange. If the tone is even we can then proceed to bleach and tone for platinum blonde or a mix of highlights and lowlights can be applied to hair that has uneven color.

The Importance of Consulting a Professional Hair Colorist

1) Always ask for a consultation & be completely honest with your stylist as to how many times your hair has been colored. Tell us if you used box dye or if your hair was dyed in a professional salon.

2) Your stylist should do a strand test to determine how your hair reacts before moving forward with coloring.

3) Be realistic, achieving lighter shades may not happen in one visit. View the process as a goal you are willing to work towards.

4) Understand that this is a corrective color and the price will be higher than standard coloring.

a warm golden blonde color

Consider A Balayage Color Vs. All Over Bleaching

A balayage will help preserve your natural hair, and we can do a color melt on your roots to create a natural blend. This technique involves carefully and strategically placing highlights throughout your hair, focusing on the ends and mid-lengths. The result is a soft, natural-looking blend of colors that gradually transition from black to blonde.

Choosing a stylist with experience in both bleach and hair dye is crucial for this process. They will have the expertise to assess your hair's condition and determine the best approach for removing the artificial dye. A sulfur-based color remover is typically used, which strips away the dye while minimizing damage to your hair.

What Your Hair Color May Look Like After Color Remover Process

After the color removal process, it's common for the hair to appear orange. This is where the skill and expertise of the stylist come into play. They will use toners to neutralize the orange tones and create a more natural-looking blonde shade.

When transitioning from black to blonde, it's important to understand that the process may take multiple visits to achieve the desired result. This is because black hair tends to have strong pigments that are difficult to lift. Patience is key, as rushing through the process can lead to damage and breakage.

During the consultation, be honest with your stylist about your hair history. Whether you've used box dye or had professional coloring done before, this information will

a realistic balayage hair color from black to blonde


In my experience, the results vary from person to person but it is your stylist's goal to keep your hair and scalp healthy and advise what to expect. Ask for the price before starting the process to avoid a costly surprise! At Noelle Salon, we have created some miraculous transformations, feel free to check us out on social media and our website. I welcome any questions you may have about the condition of your hair!



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