Hair Color Remover Explained

Hair Color Remover Explained

With today's hair color trends 2021, many look at the hair color chart and wonder which direction to take with their hair color. Have you recently visited your favorite hair salon wanting a color change and your stylist suggested a hair color remover? A color remover service is used for a variety of circumstances; such as removing artificial hair dye, color build-up which is difficult to remove, corrective color, or lightening darker shades. It is important to know that color extraction is meant for artificially dyed hair, not virgin hair or pre-lightened hair. Many clients with fantasy shades such as purple, blue, or pinks often use a color remover to remove the intense color pigment of the aforementioned direct dyes - then a new shade can be achieved.

There are essentially 3 ways to remove color:

1) Bleach, not recommended on damaged hair, and will often break or damage hair.

2) Color Extractor (remover) a non-aggressive version of bleach with the active ingredient "hydrosulfate." This process is far more gentle on hair, but keep in mind, hair will not be restored to its natural shade. After a Color Extractor service, the hair will often look a brassy shade, but it is ready to dye.  

When extracting artificial black color, or heavily pigmented shades - a bleach service may need to be performed to allow for a blank canvas to work with especially when trying to make hair lighter or a pastel fashion shade. The good news is the bleach does not have to stay on too long and is used to clean up the extra color pigment.

3) Effasol For decades bleach and Effasol were the only products on the market to remove color, Effasol is a gentler version of bleach, but can render the same result - damaged hair.  

A color remover such as "Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor" is top's on my list! It is more gentle than similar products and gives the most consistent result.

A safe approach is to perform a strand test on a few strands of hair on the back of the head. Strand tests are recommended for most chemical services.


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What To Expect During A Color Extracting Service


A full evaluation of the health of your hair, must be healthy for this process. Understanding that one service may not be enough to achieve your desired color especially if hair contains lots of color build-up.

2) Clarifying shampoo wash to remove product build-up

3) Color remover applied under hair dryer with a cap. Hair should be closely monitored to avoid breakage etc.

4) After processed the remover is washed out. If there is an uneven result, the process can be done again only if the hair is healthy enough to withstand the procedure.

**When looking for lighter hair color (dark blonde to blonde shades), hair is dried and highlighted with bleach. This process "can" be done on healthier hair and often the only way to achieve hair color remover explained lighter shades.

5) Hair is dried and ready for a color application to achieve the desired shade. Many of my clients freak out at this point because their color is often a not-so-attractive color. 

Does Color Remover Work On Henna?

Definitely not recommended! Henna does not respond well to most stripping services such as bleach, Effasol, and Remover. That is why it is so important to tell your colorist if henna is in your hair!

Color Removing is one of the most feared services for both colorists and clients because the results are never guaranteed. My best advice is to seek a professional/experienced colorist. Please do not try this at home!

It isn't enough to believe that hair color remover can deliver the results you want - it takes some research on the color you want to end up with, understand the base color you have, skin tones, and the various types of hairstyling you are looking for. In today's hair options, you can transform a bad hair day with Veila Hair Extensions with brown hair color and blonde highlights, or black hair with chunky highlights, go all the way to ash blonde or light blonde - however, a color professional can guide you to the results you are looking for.

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