Hair Extensions For A Bad Hair Cut

Hair Extensions For A Bad Hair Cut

One of the most popular reasons potential clients inquire about hair extensions is after a bad hair cut and/or hair color damage.  Before hair extensions, the only options were: (1) a wig (2) waiting for hair to grow back.  Most of our last-minute phone calls for immediate hair extension applications are the aforementioned.  The good news is that since we are a hair extensions supplier specializing in our own brand of hair extensions "Veila Hair Extensions," we have plenty of hair in stock for immediate service.  Most salons special order hair extensions for their client after a consultation and the client will have to wait for days to receive their hair and service.  

Hair Extensions For A Bad Hair Cut

Case In Point

Our client pictured above was discouraged with her hair after she attempted to bleach lighten.  She decided that cutting her hair off would solve the problem.  After cutting off her hair she was even more miserable when she looked in the mirror.  She immediately called our salon - she was having a hair emergency.  We immediately scheduled a consultation for the same day and blocked off several hours with our extension specialist.  On the phone, she explained her hair emergency, but we were concerned about what we would see when she walked in.

The Next Step

1). We immediately evaluated her hair since it was freshly bleached to ensure her hair was strong enough to support hair extensions.  There was some damage to her ends, but not at her scalp.  We performed a "thug test" on strands of her hair to test for active shedding - which it was not.  She also had four to five inches of her own hair to cover the attachment.  Less than 4 inches does not make for a perfect blend.  

2). She inquired about coloring her hair, but that was a big "no!"  The goal was to select a hair extension color or color(s) that blend with her own hair and adding a shade that would brighten her dull shade.

3). We toned her hair with an ash hair color that created a less brassy color,  She now had a perfect base color to create a balayage color without coloring her natural hair.  

4). We used three shades of our Veila Hair Extensions to achieve a gradient hair color from dark to light.  Our Pull-Thru technique does not involve glue, tape or sewing, and is very gentle on hair.  

5). Her hair was blown out smooth with no product.  We then started the application process, every section of her own hair was filled with perfectly applied hair extensions.

6). After application, we skimmed the ends of her 22" hair extensions and carefully blended her own hair into the hair extensions with our feather layering technique

7). She wanted a long beach wave style, which was achieved by using a curling iron wand.  We separated all the curls and hair sprayed in place. We handed her a page of "hair care instructions" and scheduled a free two-week check-in to ensure she is working well with her new hair.

The end result was a gorgeous head of human hair extensions that will last for months, and are reusable. She could not be happier and left our salon like a new woman! Here was someone that did not want to leave her home and was ready to buy a wig.

There are many options to color match and put in tape-in extensions, but why take a risk in damaging your hair further when Veila Hair Extensions made of Virgin Hair, using the Pull-thru method with the silicon-covered microbeads giving you a high-quality full head of hair. You can give your new hair a natural curl, from anywhere between natural black hair to ash blonde when it comes to color. Virgin hair is better than 100% Remy human hair as it is untreated and fully natural. The Veila Hair Extensions can be removed easily without any damage, giving you time for your own hair to grow back, and can just be a natural hair journey to recovery.

This work is so rewarding, if you had a similar experience, feel free to comment below or reach out to us if you have any questions, or need a hand with your hair challenge.



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