Hair Color Ideas 2021

Hair Color Ideas 2021

"Athleisure" wear is now mainstream; a comfortable minimal fashion trend so follows hair color! Hair color is a more natural, minimal, and effortless color. If you would like to accentuate, change or just have a different look, hair color is a straightforward solution. With a hair color chart and the right hair dye, you can accomplish a subtle or total transformation. Below we break down the top hair color ideas for 2021.

If you have previously dyed your hair, hair color remover might be a consideration so that you can get back closer to your natural hair color. We not only cover ideas, but we also will cover the hair color trends for 2021.

What are the considerations when dying your hair?

There are many factors to consider the direction of the color you will want to pick out, how blended will it be, and will drastically vary based if you are ash blonde or dark blond when adding a shade of red. Skin tones play a role in color selection as much as the base color of your hair. Dark hair with dark skin tends to drive towards highlights and lighter colors, making your features pop and be accentuated.

How do you envision yourself and how to work with a hair color chart?

When browsing fashion magazines, you might come across a "look" that you must have. The length of hair, the wave in the hair, the color and highlights, and the way the hair can drape over your shoulders and flow with your body. The "look" is achievable but needs a bit more than just "I want that!" which is where a hair color chart comes in handy. While most hairstylists can identify hair dyes and their color reasonably well, having a more defined color to have a discussion is helpful when considering how to achieve the result you are looking for. When you do your research, gather pictures, hair dye color, and manufacturer, and what setting your hair will be worn in (ie. if you are going to be on a beach for 2months, the sun might have an impact).

Rich Chocolate Brown Hair Color With Pops Of Color

The sun-kissed color stays with a natural chocolate brown base, and baby lights highlights which add strands of sparkle.  The hair highlight effect is subtle to the eye.

hair color ideas 2021

Balayage Hair Highlights

The balayage hair color technique allows for a natural (grown-out) root and balayage works for all colors from dark to light.  The hair highlights tend to be softer in 2021, blondes are more golden, toned down, and warm.  If roots are too dark and too apparent, a shadow root can be applied 1 to 2 inches away from the scalp which will create a natural gradient root. In a nutshell honey, blonde highlights will be the trend for 2021.  

hair color ideas 2021

Ombre Hair Color

A dark root and mid-shaft with brighter ends.  The new ombre hair color is more subdued "Sombre" (subtle ombre) and mixing warm brown with honey blonde ends is a fabulous look. (See below).

hair color ideas 2021

Fantasy Shades Toned Down

Fantasy shades of hair color such as purple hair will always be en vogue, but in 2021 the look is softer, muted with a hint of color that is visible in natural light.  Black hair with hints of blue and purple is amazingly popular, so is dark strawberry blonde instead of dark pink.  The color technique to achieve the hair color is gentler on natural hair.  Often Permanent or Semi-Permanent hair color will do the trick!  Semi-permanent color offers less commitment to hair color and can be changed after the color washes away.

hair color ideas 2021

Money Piece and Curtain Bangs

The front "chunky highlight" money piece with curtain bangs is going nowhere!  The color and styling look fabulous on most faces of all shapes! The technique will work on all hair colors.



Hair color maintenance

Like most things, you want to keep your hair in good condition, where environments like a swimming pool might affect your hair (bleach), or the sun in dry conditions for example. With the right products, you can keep your hair soft and well-conditioned. Discussing with your hairstylist your activities and lifestyle can help get some advice on how to manage and keep the look you are walking out of the salon. Keep in mind the shampoo and conditioner to be used, a lesser frequency is usually recommended for colored hair and especially use the right conditioner.

What To Keep In Mind

2021 promises to keep our hair and fashion effortless:  healthy, shiny hair is key.  Opt for a hair gloss application in-between color,  conditioning treatments, and never over-process your hair.  All of these hair colors can be matched perfectly with our Veila Hair Extensions.







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