Types Of Hair Highlights

Types Of Hair Highlights

Many clients often ask about types of hair highlights and what is best for them. I am a true believer that all hair colors can be highlighted; dark hair with caramel highlights, popular strawberry blond, or silvery blonde hair with a complimentary lowlight color. At Noelle Salon, we have experience in a wide range of hair dyes, and we can provide hair color ideas from anyone with gray hair to dark brown. Types of hair highlights are listed below which will help you to choose which is best for you!

1) Traditional Foil Hair Highlight

There are many fancy names for "hair highlights," but the traditional foil is still the most popular. There are many styles of foiling from babylights that offer hints of color with extra fine highlight sections. Chunky hair highlights give a fashion-forward look by slicing thicker/bolder highlights throughout the head. Below is a beautiful client with a full foil with a chunky money piece at the front of the hair. So many love the extra pop of light to frame the face.

Type of Hair Highlights

Highlights start at the root and continue down the hair shaft. Highlight foils are a great way to mix hair colors because the individual colors are contained in the foil and prevent color bleed.  

2)  Balayage Hair Highlight

To "balayage" is to highlights freehand on the hair, this technique allows a hair colorist to use their creativity. Balayage creates a sun-kissed look, hair roots are exposed as if the highlights cascade throughout the head. The highlights can range from bold, dramatic to a subdued and subtle look. 

3) Foliage Highlights

"Foliage" is a similar technique to balayage with the exception of containing the highlights in a foil. I love to foliage bleach hair color to achieve super light hair. Foilyage allows for multi-dimensional hair color and a mix of shades and colors. The technique still allows for root exposure and we can color melt a matching shade at the root.

4) Frosting Cap Technique

The "frosting cap" may be thought of as passe, but the technique has made a comeback: especially in Europe and Brazil. A cap with wholes is applied to the head, a crochet hook is used to pull strands of hair through the wholes, bleach or hair color is applied to the strands. The frosting cap has made a resurgence since so many want to maintain their darker roots and highlight bleach their hair ultra blonde. Once hair is processed to the desired color, the hair is washed and toned to the desired shade of blonde. The natural root is protected and the color will never shift.

Highlights are one of the most popular services we offer in addition to our hair extensions. Many hair colors fall short because many people have muddled ends of the hair. The very last few inches of hair is difficult to color and/or highlight because it can be very porous and damaged. Using complementary color hair extensions will not only fill in damaged hair ends, but help to create a consistent color from roots to ends. Many clients use hair extensions solely for this reason (to thicken and enhance color), instead of adding length.

Do you have questions about your hair color? Feel free to comment and ask questions! I am sure we have advice that will help - just click on the bottom right to leave us your contact details and we will be reaching you shortly.





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