Colorful Hair Extensions

Colorful Hair Extensions

When considering extending your hair, it can be customized to a colorful hair color of your choice. There are hair extensions offered in cool colorful hair hues, but in order to achieve unique shades, coloring the extensions is a necessity. Many clients already have colorful hair, therefore, customizing and coloring the extensions are necessary for a perfect blend. Customizing the extension's color will work for all hair extension types.

1) Hair Wefts (for sew-in method)

2) Tape-In

3) Hand-Tied

4) Veila Pull-Thru

5) Individual Keratin bonded & i-tip

What You Must Know

If a fantasy shade makes your heart skip a beat, use high-quality hair such as Virgin One-Donor or 100% Remy Human Hair. Coloring inferior hair will lead to matting and breaking. Also, inferior hair quality is coated with silicone which makes it difficult to create subtle hues i.e. pastel hair color.

The hair on the extensions color will vary based on the intensity of the hair color. Soft pastels such as baby pink, lilac, and aqua will require using light blonde. 

Coloring to a bold/vivid color such as deep purple and intense red will require using dark to light blonde (hair extensions level 8 and above) 

What Color To Use

When coloring hair extensions, please do not use permanent hair color. Permanent color contains high ammonia and peroxide developer which will damage hair extensions. Instead use a gloss, semi-permanent color, and direct dyes such as Pravana Vivids and Pulp Riot Hair Color. There is no peroxide used in direct dye, that is why it is essential to use a light shade of hair for your extensions.  

Check Out The Below Before & After

Aurora loves fantasy shades, she pre-lightened her client's brown hair to a golden blonde which works perfectly on apricot-orange hair color. She used a direct deposit color on light blonde #61 hair extensions. The end result was a seamless blend from her client's hair to the hair extensions. The hair extension of choice used was Veila Pull-Thru hair extensions. These extensions work very well on fine, and damaged hair.  

Custom coloring blonde hair extensions is also very popular since vendors only stock 5 or so shades of blonde and a few balayage blonde colors (dark roots to light ends). In order to match extensions to our blonde-haired clients' we often tone our hair extensions prior to application to create a perfect blend.  

Colorful Hair Extensions

When custom coloring hair extensions, always perform a stand-test. A strand test will save hours of hair coloring and hair color!  

Do not color the hair attachment of veila hair, tape hair, and keratin bonds, the color will not adhere.  This is the only pitfall in using lighter color hair extensions, but it is often undetectable. 

For your wash day, keep color from fading by using the correct maintenance products, i.e.,  gentle sulfate-free shampoo, condition well, avoid very hot water and use a heat protectant spray on both natural hair and hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Background

At Noelle Salon of Melrose, Massachusetts, we evaluate your natural hair, listen to our client's wishes on styling, color match, and look. We use human hair extensions like 100% Remy human hair, or Virgin Hair (unlike Bellami hair).  Hair color is our passion from blondes, balayage, foils to colorful hair.  Extensions can be used for short hair or 24 inches of a full head of hair, and have worked with different methods like tape-in extensions, clip-in hair extensions, Keratin and enjoy using our Pull-thru Veila Hair Extensions for ease of hair care - all of which are in stock! Styling can vary from flat iron, natural curl, or curly hair. Whether you are looking for a change of style or look for a day such as a Clip-in ponytail, having a high-quality ponytail extension can mix it up for you. Your natural hair journey with your hair growth can be enhanced with Hair extensions when protective styling is applied, and regular maintenance is used. You can change your hair in one day - feel free to reach out to us and explore the possibilities.

If you would like color advice or care to share your color/extension experience, please comment below. We would love to hear from you!






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