Does NAC & NAD Plus help with Trichotillomania?

Does NAC and NAD Plus help with trichotillomania?

Let me start by saying I am not a doctor, but I do want to share information I receive from my clients with Trichotillomania as to what has worked for them. Many have mentioned they have been taking a supplement called NAC, and some have had injections of NAD plus. Many have shared that they have received relief from using these supplements with their BFRB (Body-Focused Repetitive Disorder). I strongly suggest that you seek advice from a medical professional, who specializes in functional medicine.  

NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cystein 500) was used in 1963 in emergency rooms for overdoses, lung issues, and withdrawal symptoms. It is also used for many with addictions, depression, OCD, liver detoxifying -- under medical supervision. It contains Glutathione which is a master antioxidant that is health-promoting, as well as an anti-inflammatory.  

There have been studies of NAC's effectiveness with BFRBs, one being Trichotillomania. In a recent study of those taking 3000 mg per day, 38.3% experienced a reduction in symptoms versus 19.3% placebo. Of course, the participants did not know who received the placebo doses, but the results were quite remarkable.  

The average daily dosage is 600 to 1800 mg daily, therefore, medical supervision is essential.  

NAD plus Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is the coenzyme niacin (vitamin B3). It is known as the "fountain of youth!" 

I have also heard positive reviews for those who have received IVs of NAD plus, which is similar to NAC, but supposedly it is more effective with addiction, anxiety, depression, and OCD. The cost of an NAD plus IV is very expensive and takes up to 3 hours to administer. Injections of NAD seem to be a more logical and affordable way to get NAD into the bloodstream. NAD contains niacinamide which may reduce hair fall (hair loss). 

The body naturally produces NAD, but it diminishes with every decade. There are natural ways to promote NAD such as interval training, eating high protein foods such as eggs, turkey, yogurt, cheese as well as legumes.

This research seems promising, and worth investigating. Both NAC, and NAD plus have side effects, and I would not go out and receive an IV or purchase NAC supplements without consulting with a physician that specializes in function and or integrative medicine. NAC, in high doses, can lead to serious issues and can cause nausea and diarrhea.

Iv drip bars are very popular, but when it comes to NAD plus, I would proceed with caution, and do your research. Some of the most respected hospitals offer help with Trichotillomania, one being Mass General CORD (Center for OCD and Related Disorders). 

At Noelle Salon, we work with hundreds of clients with Trichotillomania, they most definitely benefit from our hair prosthesis which creates a barrier to help prevent hair pulling. It is my goal to share information that may help someone with this condition. Helping with Trichotillomania is our salon's passion, and we welcome questions and would love to meet you for a free and private consultation.


Hair Loss background

With Alopecia Areata, fungal infections, other autoimmune diseases, thinning hair by Trichotillomania which removes hair follicles by physical means. At Noelle Salon, we cover the various approaches to hair solutions to treat hair loss, female pattern baldness, balding spots, and other conditions to which you lose hair. At Noelle Salon, we focus on hair growth techniques. Hair systems and hair extension maintenance is part of the journey while wearing them. For Trichotillomania, as our hair grows they both will loosen, and service is required. The difference between a hair system and hair extensions for Trichotillomania clients varies based on the location of hair loss. 


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