Hair Cut And Style Trends For 2022

Hair Cut And Style Trends For 2022

The last few years, during the Covid pandemic, have made us re-think our haircuts and styles; seeking effortless hair. But, as the Covid vaccination is allowing for a more fruitful life, hair has become important again.  The new cuts and style trends vary from embarrassing natural curls and waves to sleek ponytails.  Below are some examples of the new 2021 hair trends.

The Longer Lob

Hair Cut and Style trends for 2022

Many took the plunge to cut their hair to a bob style; chin-length or touching the shoulders. This classic look offers a variety of styling from sleek and straight, to loose waves.  This year, the bob is transforming to an even longer bob!  The asymmetrical cut is still short in the back but offers lots of length in the front.  Still easy to maintain, but with a new twist!

Curtain Bangs

Holding strong as one of the most requested bang features, the curtain bang is all about styling. Many have found the new heated styling brush will help to achieve the perfect bang.  Whether the styling in the middle part or side part, the curtain bang is still a sensation.  Many opt to enhance the bang by creating a "money piece" highlight for extra vavoom.  The curtain bang works well on all lengths of hair.

Hair Cut and style trends for 2022
Hair Cut and style trends for 2022


The Ponytail

Hair Cut and Style Trends for 2022

The ponytail can be worn at the mid head or very high, from the gym to a night out on the town. Ornamental hair jewelry is a great addition to make the look glam!  Celebrities have made this look popular.

Embracing Your Curls

Hair Cut and style trends for 2022

Let your own curls free!  The big distinction for 2022 is to keep your curls healthy since curly hair can dry out easily,  The Truss line offers amazing products for curly hair beauty! The products infuse the hair with natural humectants to keep the curls tame and soft.

If curls are your thing, but your hair is straight, hair perms are back! The new curly hair perm solutions are far more gentle than their predecessors.

Straight Hair With Layers

Hair Cut and style trends for 2022

The goal is to work with your own hair texture, not against it!  Straight hair with face-framing layers is a look that is always in high demand.  If you have curly or wavy hair and love the look, think of a keratin treatment such as; the Brazilian Blowout.  The Brazilian Blowout will loosen your curl and allow for easy blow-drying.  It is not a permanent solution and will wash out of the hair in 3 to 6 months.

Ornamental Braids

Hair cut and style trends for 2022

The ornamental braid will liven up any hairstyle!  This braid was done on hair topper.  There are many types of braids from dutch, fishtail, and rope that are totally rocking the scene.  You can also do a full head of box braids.  These braids work well on all hair textures from natural to straight.

Long Or Short Layers


Hair Cut and style trends for 2022

Layers add volume, texture and will always enhance the look of your haircut.  There are so many ways to style layers; straight, beach waves, tendrils, and tight curls. Both of the above beauties have long layers photo 2 is wearing keratin bonded hair extensions.

Classic Short Hair, Short To Long, And Fun Colors


The short do is always en vogue.  Feeling feisty? The half-shaven style is always a head turner!  Have fun with color by playing with jewel tones hair color.

Hair Extensions

Always a staple for those seeking volume, length, and fabulous hair.

The new haircut and style trends offer much variety! We hope you try some of these looks and share your experience!  The photos are the property of Noelle Salon done by our experienced stylists,  Aurora, Yodit, Diane, Iyonna, Lindsey, and Noelle

Hair color and color maintenance

Hair color is an integral part of styling, and as seen here hair dye, using a hair color chart and the use of hair color remover is all part of the end result. You can also check out hair color trends 2021. Like most things, you want to keep your hair in good condition, where environments like a swimming pool might affect your hair (bleach), or the sun in dry conditions for example. With the right products, you can keep your hair soft and well-conditioned. Discussing with your hairstylist your activities and lifestyle can help get some advice on how to manage and keep the look you are walking out of the salon. Keep in mind the shampoo and conditioner to be used, a lesser frequency is usually recommended for colored hair, and especially use the right conditioner.



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