Hair Extensions From Other Countries

Hair Extensions From Other Countries

It is not unusual for clients from other countries to travel to the United States for hair extension services!  We have worked on clients from Ireland, Italy, Germany, Dubai, and our latest client is from Denmark.  It is a great compliment to discover that a client visiting the states takes a purposeful trip to our salon for hair extensions.  I often wonder why they prefer the U.S. since hair extensions are popular all over the world,  it is not about saving money, we are known for being the foremost experienced country specializing in hair extensions.  In Ireland, the price of hair extensions is half the cost of our product and service, but our expertise is preferred.  

I asked our beautiful client, Saliha Malik, who is from Denmark with roots in Boston.  Her desire was to experience a complete hair transformation; new hair color, a keratin treatment, and keratin individual hair extensions.  I asked Saliha how she found our salon; initially, she noticed us on Instagram, the hashtag hair extensions is very powerful! Our hair extension photos captured her attention, as a brilliant woman, she decided to google our salon and was extremely impressed with our stellar reviews.   She scoured our website and found our hair extension blogs informative and the information helped her to decide that keratin hair extensions suited her lifestyle and hair.

I then started our communication via Whatsapp, she sent pictures of her hair as well as the desired look she wanted to achieve.  We exchanged nearly twenty texts, albeit she was well informed, I offered color and hair extension length extensions based on her natural hair and height. A person's height impacts the length of hair extensions, her average height was best suited for twenty-two-inch hair extensions.  Had she been taller, I would have suggested longer hair extensions such as;  twenty-four-inch hair extensions.

Saliha's visit to Boston was only for a few days, therefore, stocking lots of hair extensions in different colors enabled us to accommodate her schedule.  Our WhatsApp conversations helped us to know exactly what she wanted, we had a brief conversation and immediately went to work on her hair.  Her stylist "Lindsey" created a balayage hair color based on her hair extension color selection, the match was seamless.  Lindsey then applied the "Brazilian Blowout" keratin treatment after her color, a keratin treatment is best performed after hair color since it assists in closing the hair cuticle, creating shiny, supple, and healthy hair.

The Beautiful Saliha and her stylist Lindsey of Noelle Salon

Hair Extensions From Other Countries

Lindsey applied 3 shades of hair extensions; mushroom brown, dark brown, and medium brown. Saliha wanted a fun shade of color as well, we then added pops on red violet hair extensions on one side of her head.  Our Veila keratin hair extensions are 1 gram per strand, which makes it simple to add cool shades and create perfect color blending.

Our conversations with the warm-hearted Saliha were fascinating, and she shared her love of Denmark.  Denmark is now on my travel bucket list,  it has a high standard of living, it is pristine, picturesque and the food sounds amazing!  During Saliha's visit, we took pictures, laughed, and enjoyed our female bonding.  We are fortunate to meet people from all over the world, this makes our work even more special.

We spent time taking "after" pictures of Saliha's new hair, she is the perfect model.  She promised to visit us again, we will be counting the months!  

The takeaway from this experience is that social media and Google connect us with special people that will forever impact our lives!  That being said, all of our clients have a special place in our hearts, our bond is unbreakable.


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