Transgender Makeup & Hair Lessons

Transgender Makeup & Hair Lessons

A rewarding part of our salon business model is helping transgender clients, most often male to female, to embrace their new image.  I have personally worked with the community for over 20 years, and I have met the kindest individuals seeking to finally be content in their own skin.  Many of my clients are in transition, living part-time as a female, this is often when they are seeking hair, make-up, and image advice.  The transition process generally starts with addressing their hair, hair removal, and make-up.  There is so much more to transitioning than one may think, I have met many clients that want long hair and dramatic make-up looks to others who prefer to embrace the fact that they are now a grandmother, wanting to look demure.  All of this can be achieved during consecutive visits to our beauty emporium, but many want to learn how to style their hair and apply their own make-up.

Our skilled hairstylists work with our client's own hair, hair toppers, hair extensions, and wigs, and we have recently added esteemed make-up artist "Krystina Larrow" to our team of experts.  Krystina has been in the beauty business for over a decade with extensive knowledge of skin, make-up, camouflaging, she is an expert with all skin tones.  Her knowledge is invaluable and is willing to share her craft with our clients and the LGBTQ community.  It all starts with a free consultation which will help us decipher your needs, style, and how we can help you. 

Transgender makeup & Hair Lessons

Our salon is on the front line of transitioning, so many have asked for us to not only create several feminine looks but how to do it themselves!  Adding Krystina to our team will take our image consulting to the next level.  When considering "image," we often ask our clients for pictures of their ultimate persona, this helps us to understand their desire and help them achieve it. Ms. Larrow has a full line of skin and make-up products that can be taken home after a make-up lesson or application.

Skin and Make-up Artist Krystina Larrow

For many years, I have supported the community hosting in-salon events, workshops, and speaking at Massachusetts "First Event," the longest-running transgender conference. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, this event has been canceled and scaled-down, that being said, we have decided to offer our services to those seeking our assistance within our salon. We work with clients of all ages, some are brought in by family or a significant other.  Our goal is to educate, create and love.


Krystina (1)

A Fun Day At First Event Boston, Massachusetts

Transgender Makeup & Hair Lessons

We also work with other like-minded businesses, we are happy to refer our clients for other services that may help them on their journey of transition. We assist in helping to grow your own hair with natural products, advice, and referrals to medical doctors, and hair growth specialists.  We are honored to work with Fenway Health Care of Boston, they work with the underserved LGBTQ community.  

Ms. Larrow is a skincare expert, and she will address skin concerns prior to make-up application.  She is also available for traditional weddings, nights out on the town, and special occasions.  She is available for consulting and standard make-up applications.   She will help raise your self-confidence and create a look that works for you.  

With our support, everything is attainable!  Let us help you on the way to being your best self.  We treat each client with respect, compassion and most of all you are in a "judgment-free zone!"

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  • Hello , My name is Brianna Greene, I will soon be moving to your area for a very exciting job promotion. Even more exciting though is the fact that my sweet husband is now becoming my wife!! It seems that you and I have likeminded positive feeling about feminine male and I would if you would allow me to bring my wife to you to get help with her complete and permanent feminization and the ongoing upkeep. We would also welcome all other thoughts you may have to help her on her journey to becoming a woman and a wife. Please let me know if you are willing to help us.

    Brianna Greene

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