Hair Extensions Not Just For Long Hair

Hair Extensions Not Just For Long Hair

Not true!  As a Hair Extension expert for nearly 20 years, many of my clients use hair extensions to add volume to their hair style.  Fusion hair extensions made of keratin protein is a wonderful way to bulk up fine hair, especially a short to long bob hairstyle or a mid-length hairstyle.  Fine and thinning hair benefit from micro fusion hair extensions; literally 10 strands can be added to small sections of hair and the illusion of more hair is created.  Don't overlook hair extensions if your hair is not thick enough to pull off a shorter hairstyle. 

This client uses hair extensions to add one inch of extra hair and more volume in custom color fuchsia purple.

Colorful hair extensions


 \Hair Extensions also help to change hair texture to appear  healthier. High quality remy human hair can be custom colored from dramatic to natural colors.

What type of hair extensions are the safest?

Hair extensions applied strand by strand to your own hair are the safest application.  20 strands of your hair is separated in clean precise sections and a 30 to 40 strands of hair are applied 1/4" away from your scalp.  This creates a tension free section which allows your own hair to grow perfectly, you can brush right through the hair extensions, color, relax, curl/flat iron and style as would your own hair.

Different types of application:

Keratin Protein Fusion:  The most popular application which utilizes a keratin protein adhesive that fuses with the keratin protein in your own hair.  This adhesive is strong, but not strong enough to damage hair.  Fusion hair extensions last up to 5 months and grow out with your own hair.  The keratin protein adhesive is easily removed from the hair with an alcohol based solution which renders the adhesive to powder and combed out of the hair. Clients can color, relax and style like their own hair while wearing them. If you use high quality hair, the hair is reusable.  Most find their own hair grows in while wearing extensions and some have such tremendous growth that they no longer wear hair extensions.  Hair extensions are a perfect way to grow out hair from a bad hair cut!


keratin hair extensions

Micro Link Hair Extensions:  These are applied in the same strand by strand fashion.  A metal type ring/tub is threaded into the hair and a hair extension is placed into the micro link hair extension, the metal link is then clamped shut.  The only downside is that Micro Link hair extensions can slip out of the hair and require more maintenance.  Also, if you need an MRI the extensions will need to be removed.


micro link hair extensions

Hair Extensions for volume

Tape Hair Extensions:

Perfect for a temporary application.  Two inch wide strips of hair are applied to the hair with a silicone based tape. The clients hair is sandwiched between 2 tapes.  This method lasts between 6 to 8 weeks, the hair is reusable and re-taped. They work beautifully on normal density hair and can be attached in an hour or so. Some of my clients do not like them because the 1.5" strips of hair because they are not easily hidden in fine to medium density hair and can be hard to wear up.


Tape Hair Extensions


What you must know:

Wearing hair extensions longer than recommended can cause extra tensions, also brush and keep hair detangled. Blow drying your hair especially wear the attachment is located is essential, hair is weakest when wet and drying will prevent breakage. Do not use thermal heat, i.e. flat iron/curling iron wear the attachment is located.

Also, clients question why they feel hair above the extension attachments - this is because we shed over 100 strands per day and the shedding collects above the hair extensions. This is not breakage - it is perfectly normal - but that is why we recommend removing at the recommended time frame.

If you are ready to take the plunge for a New You - go for hair extensions.  Hair extensions can add just volume or volume and length!  Remember to research your stylist/salon and get a free consultation to ensure they are for you!  No one leaves our salon without written instructions & a free 2 week check in. Contact me by clicking the link for questions or free online consults. Noelle

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