Hair Salon Boston Weddings

Hair Salon Boston Weddings

The proposals will be popping this holiday season, brides will be planning the day of their dreams, the dress, and their hairstyle.  Many brides pour into our Boston-based hair salon with pictures of their ultimate hairstyle for their wedding day.  There is possibly a problem, what if their own hair can not achieve the "look" they desire?  We have the solution, and that is "hair extensions."  Hair extensions can create a beautiful half-up/half-down style with loose tendrils flowing down their back, or a beautiful up-sweep that is thick and luxurious.  

Many brides-to-be may only want hair extensions for their special day, while others desire to wear them for engagement photos and pre-wedding festivities.  Below is a breakdown of which extension method will work best.

Hair Salon Boston Weddings

Hair Extensions For The Wedding Day Only

If a bride is only concerned about having extra hair for the wedding day, clip-in hair extensions may be the perfect solution.  She should know the style she wants to achieve before purchasing clip-in hair extensions since they are too bulky for an upsweep hairstyle.  Her own hair should be thick enough to hide the clip in sections and they are best suited for wearing hair down or half-up/half-down.  They are a perfect temporary fix with no long-term commitment.  Clip-in hair extensions are sold in a variety of hair qualities, Remy human hair is the best option.  Remy human hair looks natural, will hold a perfect curl.

Hair Extensions For Pre-Wedding Festivities And Photos

The options are endless for this bride since there are many methods of hair extensions to choose from.  The one caveat is that tape-in hair extensions, hand-tied hair extensions, and Veila pull-thru hair extensions may be visible on clients with fine hair or those that are wearing their hair completely up.  If the bride's hair is thick, then she can wear her hair up with the above-mentioned extensions. 

Many hair extensions are re-usable, and can be taken off after the wedding and reapplied at a later time.  Quality is very important since inferior hair will not last over the long haul.  Also, at-home hair care is essential to keep the extensions in great condition.

Hair Extensions For An Up-sweep

When wearing hair completely up, the best option is to use individual strand extensions such as keratin bonded, or i-tip hair because they are easily hidden in the hair.  Keratin bond extensions last up to 5 months with virtually no maintenance, but they are not re-usable.  I-tip hair extensions. which are threaded into a micro-link, are reusable, and do require maintenance every eight weeks or so.  

Choosing The Wedding Day Hairstyle

I advise brides to first find the wedding gown and headpiece before selecting their wedding hairstyle, the hair often compliments the dress and wedding theme.  For example, a backless dress may look beautiful with the right amount of loose curls cascading down.  A vintage gown may look best with lots of barrel curls in an upsweep style.  The beach boho bride may love beachy waves with a crown of flowers, the options are endless.

When Should Extensions Be Applied

Clip-in hair extensions should be applied on the day of the wedding, but we strongly suggest a hair trial prior to the event.  The clip-in extensions should be curled in advance and touched up the day of the wedding.  If wearing hair extensions for pre-wedding events, we suggest applying them two weeks before the festivities and we can touch them up before the wedding.  

First Time Wearing Hair Extensions

The application of hair extensions two weeks before a big event is a good time frame to get used to them and allows time for adjustments.

Pull-thru Method with Veila Hair Extensions

Our flagship line of hair extensions uses silicon-covered microbeads as opposed to plastic microbeads and has dedicated hair extension tools to work with applying them and removing them. Our hair wefts are made of virgin hair, and we use a crochet hook to pull-thru the original hair strands so that we can then apply the microbeads. Virgin hair extensions deliver the highest quality hair and have the greatest customer satisfaction. When it comes to hair care, the product or service word of mouth is crucial to our business, and that includes the maintenance of personal care products to maintain your hair extensions.

What You Should Do

1). Ask for a free consultation for both your hair extensions and wedding hairstyle.  This is where we will determine the best extension method for your desired look and explain the process.

2). Have a wedding hairstyle trial prior to the wedding. At your visit come in with pictures of your dress, hairpiece, and lots of pictures of the styles you love.  Your hairstyle may affect the positioning of the hair extensions, therefore it is a good idea to show your stylist as many pictures of your desired look prior to application.  

At Noelle Salon, customer service is key to our business, and we offer the perfect combination of hair extensions (in-stock) and hair stylists that can create the brides' dream hair and wedding party hairstyles.  Your wedding may be one of the most important days of your life, we would love the opportunity to be part of your dreams.



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