hand tied beaded weft hair extensions

hand tied beaded weft hair extensions

We have been working with hand tied beaded wefts for years, they work beautifully on all hair textures.  the concept is similar to a sew in weave, without tension,  with the ability to reuse the hair.  There are 2 major factors (1) proper application (2) purchasing the best quality hair for reuse.  I prefer to use hand tied wefts vs. machine sewn track since you will get a lot more hair and the hair is thick from roots to ends!

There are many extensions on the market from individual keratin bonds, i tips and tape.  The hand tied beaded weft extensions generally give you the most amount of hair and you can custom blend colors!  The key is preparation, especially for clients with highlights, balayage and lots of shades.  We prep the rows by sewing together 2 to 4 weft (based on clients density), often we sew lighter shades wefts for the front of the hair.   It is for this reason that we do not use pre-beaded hair!  Pre-beaded hair does not allow for the color versatility as well as weight distribution

Hand Tied Beaded Weft Hair Extensions.

Good quality hair is reusable, most clients move up the wefts every 6 to 8 weeks and with proper maintenance the hair is reusable up to 1 year.  You want Remy (cuticle in 1 direction) hair because it does not tangle and will withstand the test of time.

We use 2 application methods (1) for fine hair & (1) for medium to thick hair.  You can also mix the 2 methods.

Fine hair

We prefer to start the application just under the occipital bone, starting lower can pull on fine hair.  We carefully place the weft and then begin to add the beads in key areas that will support the weft.  After that we carefully thread the clients hair into the beads across the head and sew a thread through each bead point before clamping the bead shut.

Medium to thick hair

We follow the same process as above, eliminating the threading.  Why?  Because thicker hair can support the wefts.  In some cases, based on clients hair, oily for example, we will use the sew through method.  

Some find the thread to be uncomfortable, in that case, we eliminate the process.  What is also important is after care!  Below are steps to ensure hand tied beaded wefts stay healthy and do not slip.

1) . Wash hair gently from roots to ends, carefully brush through each weft and any hair not in the weft.

2)  Use a good leave in product to protect the ends of the hair extensions such as Truss Deluxe Prime.

3) . Clarify the scalp area if your hair tends to be oily, but do not run clarifying shampoo to the ends of the hair.

4) Avoid too much conditioner at the attachment area near scalp, it is a great idea to apply conditioner to mid shaft to ends and be sure to rinse throughly.

5) . Do not leave your hair wet!  Dry hair throughly since leaving the extensions wet will create slippage and damage your own hair.

I do not suggest watching a youtube video and having a friend apply these extensions or any extensions!  Proper application, clean sections and a well trained stylist will ensure that your own hair stays healthy!  After all, the health of your own hair is the most important factor.  If you questions or would like a free consultation please email, noelle@noellesalon.com



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