Help for female hair loss

Help for female hair loss

What is the best advice I can give for helping with female hair loss?  Firstly, I have been working with hair loss in women for many years, most of my clients have tried topical solutions such as Minoxidil (the main ingredient in Keranique Hair Loss serum) and Rogaine.  These topical solutions seem to keep future hair loss at bay, but I have not witnessed the amazing hair growth they claim to provide.

Others have invested thousands of dollars in Laser Caps, which appear to have the same hair growth result as the above-mentioned topical solutions. It is important to understand that once a hair follicle is dead (not growing hair) there is not much of anything that will bring it back to life.

Many of my clients have taken the major leap and have had Hair Transplant Surgery (Follicular Unit Extraction). Not only is this painful, but only 2- 5% of women are satisfied with this surgery. It seems to be a better option for men since their donor hair, taken from the back of the head, contains more hair follicles. Let's face it, men are happy with less hair, where women are looking for longer & fuller hair. So many of my clients have expressed major dissatisfaction with this surgery and still longing for more hair! Not to mention, the follicular units extracted from the back of the head leave scarring where hair will never grow. Keep in mind, hair transplants are generally not one and done - it makes take a few surgeries every few years to combat ongoing hair loss.

What types of hair loss are commonly seen

There are a few autoimmune disorders that will affect hair loss, Alopecia Areata is one, Lupus is another - where the immune system attacks your follicles or your skin imbalance due to swelling can make you lose hair or develop thinning hair. Hormonal imbalances, side effects of cancer treatments, fungal infections are other medical conditions outside of the immune response. Most of these cannot be solved with hair transplant solutions, or hair care products that would promote hair growth.

There are no cures for Alopecia Areata and other autoimmune diseases. People with Alopecia Areata cannot treat hair loss since the imbalance is internal. To find more information seek out the American Academy of Dermatology. At Noelle Salon, we look at practical solutions for a variety of female pattern baldness, where quality and lifestyle still meet comfort and an amazing look.

Noelle's Salon female hair loss solution

At the end of the day, after our clients have tried everything from topical solutions, laser caps, and hair transplant surgery, they end up in my chair wanting more hair. This is achieved by creating custom hair toppers aka hair systems that are tied into their own hair. Our goal is to never damage natural hair by shaving or gluing hair toppers in place in hopes that technology will create better hair loss solutions.  

Unlike a man's toupee, the hair toppers are designed to allow for natural airflow, washing, and living a normal lifestyle!  

No Contracts Here

Hair Loss Clubs often require their clients to sign contracts/service agreements upwards of $10,000 per year. I find this highway robbery and taking advantage of someone feeling desperate about their hair. Not everyone needs the same amount of maintenance since this varies from person to person based on how quickly their own hair grows. Additionally, Hair Clubs require the purchase of two hair systems up front! This is not necessary since a hair topper may last a year or more with proper care.

Not All Hair Systems Are Created Equal

Hair quality and cap construction are essential in purchasing a hair system. There are many synthetic hair toppers online that simply do not work when attached. Hair toppers need to be made of human hair so they can be washed, dried, and styled as needed. A synthetic topper or inferior quality human hair may work okay for occasional use and I would suggest a clip-on hair system in that case.



What To Expect When Working With A Hair Loss Studio

1) A free consultation that addresses your hair needs, lifestyle, and full evaluation of your hair loss whether it be from a condition such as Alopecia, Lupus, Trichotillomania, or genetics.

2) Measurements and hair system to try on, match the color, and fit to your individual head shape and size.

3) A hairstylist that can address your hair needs such as color, cutting, and blending (not just a hair technician).

4) No price gauging 

5). A full explanation of the attachment process, upkeep, best practices, and products.

6) Understanding whether you're a candidate or not. I can not tell you how many women are not ready for a hair system! They may have too much hair or unrealistic expectations. I have turned away many who are just not ready, but they are comforted to know there is a hair loss studio if they are ever in need.

I would love to hear your experience with hair loss, what has and hasn't worked for you, and your opinion on the hair loss industry.


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