How the Right Hair Extensions can help with Trichotillomania

How the Right Hair Extensions can help with Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a difficult mental disorder to handle, the impulse is can happen at any time, and the condition in itself is self impacting as the effects only add more stress and distress. When your natural hair is impacted, it leaves bald patches to which looking in the mirror can only make it such that you will seek to find a remedy. Not all hair salons have the expertise to help, however, in Boston, Massachusetts area Noelle Salon has focused on this condition for over 30years.




How the right hair extensions can help with Trichotillomania


Human hair extensions

The tactile feel of 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions or Virgin Hair Extensions is important so that the client can have the feel indistinguishable from their own hair. Giving them the appearance, the feel, the color and the effects of beautiful styling helps the self-esteem of the client and reduces anxiety.

Types of Hair Extensions.

Not all types of hair extensions are appropriate due to the tension, adjusting abilities, and how they are maintained. Tape-in Extensions for example can damage the hair which is already affected by Trichotillomania, same with Clip-in Extensions. Keratin Extensions can work reasonably well, it is their removal that has to be considered given the use of alcohol, which might trigger the client's urge while at the procedure. The best method is Pull-Thru microbeads, which uses a crochet method to pull through strands of the client's hair and is held by silicon-covered microbeads where tension can be adjusted, and maintenance is a lot more forgiving.

Allowing for hair growth

Having a full head of hair with hair extensions and reducing stress gives the opportunity to regrow air which can take from a year to 6 years in some cases. Only when pulling for over 20+ years you might not see regrowth in the areas affected. When following and succeeding in anxiety and stress management with Trichotillomania, with the combination of hairstyling and feeling yourself with high-quality hair, it gives the sense of a regular lifestyle. Special attention during wash day and hair care can ensure that the hair extensions and the natural hair are in good health all the while hair regrowth gets a chance to recover.

Selecting your hair extensions

With a wide choice of hair extensions in both color matches and attachment methods offered by the liked of Bellami Hair, Noelle Salon exclusively rules out clip-in hair extensions, since the clips are thick and can be felt, unlike the silicon microbeads. If considering a ponytail extension for a day, clip-in ponytails might be an option. Tape in hair extensions is also not recommended as the removal process can damage the natural hair - given that Trichotillomania requires hair growth recovery, your best chance to achieve a healthy hair crop is by minimizing discomfort, tension, and the effects of maintenance.

Hair Styling with Trichotillomania

Depending on the sensitivity of the scalp, and the severity of Trichotillomania styling your hair short with your hair extensions might be an option. Long hair extensions of 24 inches can be felt with the weight of the hair, and the tension might be too triggering. Styling short or long can have amazing results and will give the person the confidence in being themselves with reduced self-consciousness. Flat iron or natural curl can be styling your hair extensions, you have the freedom to choose your look at the limits of your comfort level.

The Natural Hair Journey

While Trichotillomania is a disorder, most medical solutions are aimed at the mental and habit space, all the while solutions to reduce the consequence of hair pulling requires more of an artistic approach. The mind's perception of beauty and appeal has a strong positive effect when perceiving oneself, and that has a better chance to succeed when it comes to reducing the impulse. Your natural hair journey can take a better recovery path, all the while focusing on the work, social, and family aspects of your lifestyle can only enhance your interactions and benefit from the relationships and engagements with the confidence of how you look and appear to everyone.


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  • Is there anyone in Springfield Missouri that can help my teenage daughter who has trichotillomania and would like extensions.

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