Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hair extensions work beautifully to give long and lustrous locks, but what if you just want some added volume to short hair, long bangs, or longer sides?  Hair extensions will work for you as well. We suggest having 4 to 5 inches of your own hair to cover the extension attachment, but if you have thick hair then less of your own hair is necessary to hide them.

Below are some short hairstyles enhanced with hair extensions.  Many styles are impossible to obtain with short and/or fine hair i.e. "Lob," long bob.


This popular style requires long/full sides to create a long angle towards the face, unfortunately, many of us have weak and short sides.  The solution is simple, we added our Veila Pull-Thru to hair extensions that do not damage natural hair.  There is no tape, glue, or sewing and a few pieces of our extensions will fill in the sides of the head allowing us to create this sassy style.


Hair Extensions for short hair


The pixie hair cut often has a heavy bang, what if your bang is sparse?  We attached matching jewel-colored individual keratin bonded hair extensions under our client's bang area to create this cool bang.  The hair extension placement is crucial to avoid the extensions from being visible.  If the bang area is thin using volumizing products will help, consider mousse, hair spray, and dry shampoo for that extra bulk.


Hair Extensions for short hair


Hair Extensions For Any Age

My client, Harriett, loves her fun color and style, especially with a heavy bang section.  Harriet's natural bangs were thinning out due to blonde highlighting.  The solution was simple, we used a few small pieces of blonde tape extensions to give her bright blonde sensational bangs.  Every so often, she will add fantasy-colored extensions, such as purple, for some added glam.

Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hair Extensions For All Over Thin Hair

The below-pictured client was desperately in need of thicker hair, especially in her bang area. The only option she could find was an unnatural-looking wig, so  I suggested adding tiny hair extensions to fill in sparse areas of her hair.  I used individual strand extensions and placed them strategically throughout her hair.  This transformation is one of my most rewarding, I can not explain how happy she was with the outcome.  The keratin bonded hair extensions can last up to 5 months with virtually no maintenance.  


Creativity is key when creating the above styles.  I do not follow strict placement guidelines, instead, I apply extensions to the area of the head with the most hair density to support the hair extensions that will give the most impact on the style.

Either color-matched or fantasy styling, human hair extensions deliver the best results. 100% Remy human hair, or Virgin hair is the best hair extension you can get. You can style with a natural curl, flat iron, or even go with a clip-in ponytail extension. The styles are numerous when it comes to a full head makeover. At Noelle Salon, we carry a variety of clip-in hair extensions, Keratin hair extensions, or tape-in hair extensions. Unlike Bellami hair, we offer a wide variety up to 24 inches in length of various colors to suit various styles and applications depending on your hair type, the style you are looking for, and how your hair care routine can maintain your extensions.

Keep in mind that short hair extensions might require less maintenance when it comes to the extensions themselves, however, because they are short, factoring hair growth might shorten the Salon intervals in adjusting them to keep the same styling - since adjusting the extensions to compensate will be needed.

Aftercare is essential, each customer leaves our salon with a printed set of care instructions.  I also take the time during the application process to educate them on caring for hair extensions. We offer high-quality hair extension products customized to our client's hair needs.  

What has your extension experience been likened to?  We would love to hear your thoughts, hair tips, and opinions.


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