10 Facts Keratin Hair Extensions

10 Facts Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin Hair Extensions have been in existence for over 20 years. They are individual strands of hair with a tip of keratin at the top of the strands. Once applied the keratin attachment feels like a long grain piece of rice. They are the most natural-looking in the hair because they hang individually versus in larger pieces. This is a great alternative to tape-in extensions, and as long as they are human hair extensions, the results can be amazing. The only solid competing hair extension is the Veila Pull-thru Virgin Hair extension where a good color match will outperform the likes of Bellami hair. Keratin hair extensions work well on fine to medium hair density where other extensions will be obvious.  Keratin strands can be undetectable in hair with proper placement.

10 Facts Keratin Hair Extensions

I love working with keratin extensions, I can cut them in layers to create a natural look. They are not cut with conventional cutting shears since this creates blunt layers and ends.  Instead, a slide-cutting shear technique or razor will create the perfect blend.  It is essential to have an extension expert to cut and blend extensions.

When 100% Remy Human Hair or Virgin hair is used, a full head of 24 inches or longer comes out like it's your very own hair. Keratin much like Pull-thru allows for easy maintenance (Pull-thru adjustments after several weeks of hair growth, Keratin upon removal and re-applying) when it comes to hair care, and when given a natural curl has a much better blend effect than clip-in hair extension.


1) Can the hair be worn up?

Yes, many clients are elated that they can wear keratin hair extensions a the top of the head (may vary based on the length of your own hair).  Other extension method attachments are too large to wear in a high ponytail without being visible.

2) How long do Keratin hair extensions last?

The average time frame is 4 to 6 months based on how quickly natural hair grows and sheds. We do not recommend wearing beyond six months due to the natural shedding process.

3)  What is the natural shedding process?

Human hair sheds 100 +/- strands per day, therefore, when an extension is attached to the hair the shedding will be trapped in the extension.  The longer the hair extension is worn, the more shedding accumulates which can be difficult to remove.

4)  Are Keratin hair extensions re-usable?

The short answer is "no" because they are worn 5 to 6 months a lot of the hair within the hair extensions shed making them very thin.  But, many "re-bond" the extensions with a keratin square which then makes them re-usable.  Keep in mind re-used hair will be a bit shorter (after removing the original keratin bond), and finer.  It is nice to have the option since high-quality hair can be expensive.

5)  Do Keratin hair extensions damage hair?

With proper care, keratin extensions will not damage hair.  It is important to brush at that roots to avoid tangling, dry thoroughly after washing, and remove after 6 months or so.

6)  How are Keratin extensions removed?

A solution, with the primary ingredient being alcohol, is dropped on the keratin bond, the bond is then crushed with a plier, the extension is removed and the natural shedding is carefully combed out.  It is recommended that a professional remove extensions.

7) How much maintenance is required?

The beauty of keratin extensions is that once applied there is virtually no maintenance.  They will grow with your own hair and thin out over time.  Aside from a free two-week check-in, many returns to the salon only to have them remove and reapplied.

8)  How much do keratin extensions cost?

Price varies based on the quality of hair, length, and thickness of each extension.  The average full set, which gives both volume and length, ranges from $750 to $1500.  The price can vary from salon location and expertise.

9) Can the hair be colored or highlighted while wearing?

Yes, hair can be dyed and highlighted.  It is recommended that only the hair that is left out of the hair extensions be colored and highlighted.  This equates to the top of the head, sides, crown, and nape of the neck.

10) Can the hair extensions be colored?

Toning or deepening the shade with a semi-permanent color is okay, but not the best option.  It is better to match the extensions to your color.  To brighten or tone down blonde extensions, a purple shampoo/conditioner is a better option.

Always qualify the stylist and salon you choose to apply for your hair extensions to.  Ask for a free consultation and ask questions.  Great communication is essential when deciding to wear hair extensions. 

Remember; at-home care is the key to success.  Your stylist will recommend extensions care products to keep your extensions healthy and increase longevity.




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