Maintenance Products For Hair Extensions

Maintenance Products For Hair Extensions

After investing in hair extensions it is crucial to use the correct products (shampoo/conditioner/leave-in treatments) to keep them healthy. Many methods of hair extensions are re-usable (some can last up to a year), therefore, locking in moisture is essential. Our scalp produces natural oils, but oils do not spread the same on extra hair from hair extensions. Regardless of where you got your hair extension from (Veila Hair Extension or Bellami hair), the type of hair extensions you have chosen such as 100% Remy human hair extension, Virgin Hair, or other types of hair does make a difference. Lastly, how they are attached such as tape-in extensions, or pull-thru doesn't have much of a bearing here - our focus is on keeping the hair extensions in good health.

What to Understand

Part of the natural hair journey has made you arrive at having hair extensions, where a Salon color matched them to suit your style, giving you a high-quality look and at times a natural curl. How do you protect this look on "wash day"? The texture of the hair extensions is often very different from your own hair so it is not unusual to use different products on the extensions. Below is a great way to wash, style, and add leave-in products.

1) When shampooing, separate your hair from the extensions with a clip on the extensions. First wash your own hair with the product of your choice, next wash the extensions with our recommended products (see below). Rinse and condition in the same way.  Since my own hair is finer than the hair extensions I use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner, following with my "go-to" leave-in products.

Maintenance Products For Hair Extensions

2) Towel dry your hair and follow the steps above when using leave-in products.  For example, I often use a volume booster on my own hair and a leave-in conditioner on my hair extensions.

Now For The Products (Disclaimer) 

Products will vary based on your own hair, type of hair extensions, and how often hair is washed.

Fine/Medium Hair With Extensions

Shampoo & Conditioner

I adore  Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate because it restores hair to its natural PH of 4.5 to 5, as well as aiding in removing build-up from styling products, etc.  You should use this product once or twice a week, and it works well on dense hair.

Leave-In Treatment

Redken Acidic Perfecting Leave-In Treatment is perfect for damaged, weak, and over-processed hair, it also works perfectly with hair extensions.  It has a pleasant citrus scent and will help strengthen hair over time.  No product can fix split ends, but it helps with the appearance.  This product will also keep extensions void of color build-up and close the cuticle from wash to wash.

Thick/Dense Hair With Extensions

Truss is a salon-exclusive hair care line that really works well with all textures.  I use it less often on fine hair, but definitely love it on hair extensions.  Feel free to play with some of these products to determine the best result for you.

Truss Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner is one of my favorites it contains keratin and cysteine proteins to strengthen hair, as well as a UV protectant for sun damage and chemical damage.   If it is too heavy for natural hair, I highly recommend the use of shampoo & conditioner on hair extensions.  This boutique brand is gaining momentum all over the world and is a "must-have."

Leave-In Treatment

Truss Deluxe Prime works on all hair textures, it is a leave-in treatment that does not weigh down hair.  Deluxe Prime contains a heat protectant that helps close the cuticle and reduces hair color fading.  It is one of the best detangling products with the added benefit of reducing blow-dry time - who wouldn't want that?

It can be used as a leave-in treatment or can be combined with Truss Miracle Conditioner for extra dry hair (see below):

1). Wash hair with Truss Miracle Shampoo and towel dry

2). Apply Deluxe Prime to damp hair, follow with Truss Miracle Conditioner.  Leave the combination in the hair for 5 to 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.  Finish with a few sprays of Deluxe Prime as a leave-in, you will have supple shiny hair and lustrous hair extensions.

For Thick Hair To Medium Density Hair

Follow the above steps, then apply a few sprays of Truss Amino Heat Protectant.  You can adjust the amount based on hair texture.  Truss Amino is the ultimate shine product that protects hair from the elements and heat tools.  It works beautifully on natural hair too!  It can also be used on dry hair for extra shine.

Truss HighLiss Treatment

I had to mention this treatment because the in-salon results have been phenomenal.  We use the HighLiss Treatment in place of Keratin Treatments because it renders healthy hair, is odor-free, and lasts longer in hair.  This is an in-salon treatment that should not be done at home.  

HighLiss is a smoothing treatment that does not use Formaldehyde to open the hair cuticle, instead, a combination of acidic proteins opens the hair cuticle and delivers protein, and closes the hair cuticle. The treatment can be done every 3 to 4 months, it is "buildable" meaning the results get better over time.  HighLiss also has a blonde formula that strengthens hair bonds and brightens blonde hair and extensions.

I love to switch up products so this is another recommendation for thick hair and/or natural hair.

Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner works amazingly well on dry, curly, frizzy hair.  Hair just soaks in the product mainly due to the Argan-6 oil which is infused in the shampoo & conditioner.  This is one product that does not need any leave-in treatment since it leaves hair & hair extensions supple and shiny.  There is a complimentary leave-in product Redken All Soft Leave-In Cream, but I suggest that you initially use it sparingly.

All Hair Textures With Extensions

Matrix Total Result Length Goals Line was specially formulated for hair extensions, I also love how well it works on natural hair.  Length Goals are sulfate-free (as are the above-listed products) and gentle on hair extensions as well as the hair extension attachment (especially Keratin bonded hair extensions).  Every Veila Pull-Thru Extension client at our salon tends to leave with this product in hand because it is a perfect detangler, lightweight, and smells delicious.   Some opt to use the leave-in treatment too.

Matrix Total Result Length Goals Perfector Leave-In

Gives an added punch of detangling, a heat protectant, and shortens blow-dry time.  Some find this heavy so use it sparingly and adjust the amount used over time.

As with all types of hair extensions, following your stylists' advice on aftercare is essential.  Don't forget to blow dry (especially the attachment area), brush thoroughly, and wash often enough to remove oil and build up.

All of these products can be found at Noelle Salon, feel free to reach out for more info and shipping.

I hope this helps with your hair extension experience!  I welcome other product suggestions and would love to hear from you!






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  • It’s great that you went into detail about using a clip on the extensions to separate your hair from them when shampooing. Before washing the extensions, wash your hair thoroughly with the product of your choice. Since my daughter received hers, I have been considering this. She needs to know this, so I’ll have to tell her so she can keep them looking great.

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