DIY Hair Mask From Italian Mom

DIY Hair Mask From Italian Mom

 DIY Hair Mask From My Italian Mother

As a hair stylist, I have worked with so many hair products, masks, but nothing compares to what my mother used on my hair growing up!  I swear this mask allowed me to have the hair I have today which I have not been the kindest.  The mask recipes has been used for many generations, it is super simple and you probably have the ingredients at home already. Amounts will vary based on your hair length & density.  Prep is easy, but I suggest mixing the day you use it.  You can use the mask once per week!  Here it goes....

1)  Egg yolk (2 to 4 yolks based on hair length & density)

2)  4 to 8 Tbsp. of plain yogurt (vary on hair length & density)

3)  4 to 8 crushed non-coated aspirin (vary on hair length & density)

Mix, whisk or use a blender to combine.  Apply on freshly washed hair from roots to ends.  Comb through to spread the mask and the either put hair up or apply a shower cap.  Leave in hair for at least one hour.  Then wash, condition if necessary ~ the egg odor will fade away through out the day or you can spray a bit of scented dry shampoo if the smell is bothersome.

Do not use protein products, such as keratin, in conjunction with this mask because too much protein can have the reverse affect on your hair.

protein hair mask

Result after mask

Why this works:

Eggs are loaded with protein which assists in hair growth as well as protecting each strand of hair  Your hair will be super shiny, far more resilient and pliable.  Yogurt will tame the hair also contains protein for strength as well as having anti-bacterial elements for the scalp.  When massaged into scalp the lactic acid & zinc in yogurt helps to stimulate the hair follicle by increasing blood flow which will result in hair growth.  Yogurt also helps to produce extreme shine and anti-frizzing.  Aspirin contains salicylic acid which aids in removing dead cells from the hair follicle while unclogging the pores of the scalp.  Aspirin will also aid  to cleanse the cuticle of your hair and allows for the protein in the eggs & yogurt to penetrate into the hair follicle.  

All of these ingredients combined make for the perfect mask for scalp & hair health. Healthy scalp = healthy hair.  Keep in mind, the salicylic acid in the aspirin may cause your hair to lighten - if you are concerned about this you can omit the aspirin from the recipe.  

Tip If you want your hair to lighten a bit, you can mix a few aspirin into your shampoo as well.

egg hair maskhair mask


I use this effective & inexpensive mask on many of my salon clients, particularly those who have sensitivity to off the shelf products.  If you try this recipe, I would love to hear your feedback.  I suggest using once a week, after a month or so you will see great results.


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  • Just tried it today, used plain Greek yogurt. Left on for an hour. Love it!

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