Trichotillomania Help in Boston

Trichotillomania Help in Boston

Trichotillomania Help in Boston at Noelle Salon.  

Before there was a diagnosis called "Trichotillomania" I had been working with clients that were chronic hair pullers.  At the time, over 15 years ago, I was not sure what caused this behavior - I am not a doctor nor do I have all the answers, but I would like to share what my clients have expressed as to what helped them.

Trichotillomania help in BostonTrichotillomania is considered a "BFRB" a Body Focused Repetitive Behavior which includes pulling out ones own hair, brows, lashes, skin picking and nail biting.  I have worked with over 1,000 clients in the New England area which shows how many people actually have this condition.  Most explain that there is a sense of soothing and comfort while they pull out their hair, they are in a trance like state and when they realize how much hair they have lost they tend to become depressed and exasperated.  Some describe that there is an emotional charge while pulling out the hair follicle which gives them a sense of excitement.  It appears that the health community is working towards treatment for Trich, but they still have a long way to go.  I found that my clients with the best results, those who stopped pulling, participated in therapy, some medications/supplements and used hair pieces (scalp prosthesis)  as a barrier or reminder to stop pulling. Some may wonder why not just use a wig? The answer is simple, most Trich sufferers have hair in other areas which makes it difficult to comfortably wear & fit a wig.  Also, they do not look as natural and are easily removed which does not help with creating a barrier.

Our clients are from all walks of life and ages, some are college students while others are physicians.  Our approach is an aesthetic one  - which raises self esteem and awareness by giving back lost hair.  We use hair pieces that are tied into the hair (no shaving or gluing) these hair pieces are customized to the individual hair needs. 

I can not tell you how elated the clients & families are when we service their hair and find an inch or so of new hair growth! Their hair concerns are  immediately addressed. Amazingly this barrier works ~ so well that some clients have grown in their own hair and stopped the habit!  As I previously stated, this is only 1 facet in helping, but one that changes the pullers overall outlook.  If you are not in our area,  I suggest you visit to find hair care providers, as well as lots of professionals with extensive experience with Trich. If you are in the Boston/New England area, we would love to help.  You can just come in to talk at a private consultation.  At our salon you will find others with the same condition.  It is so helpful to know you are not alone, our clients share stories, tips and some become fast friends. This is such gratifying work!  Below are some links to visit and products that have been successful for our clients during their journey towards healing.

A client testimonial and advice to watch:

1) Trichotillomania Help in Boston at Noelle Salon

2) If you want the most comprehensive medical help, Dr. Nancy Keuthen is the foremost expert in Trich, skin picking and OCD:

3)  Habit Aware Bracelet which tracks/alert your behavior  & trains your brain to stop pulling through awareness.

4)  Facebook has many private support groups where you can share your personal story or find  providers:

5) Check with your insurance provider to see if any part of a scalp prosthesis is covered.  You will need to obtain a prescription from your physician, a paid receipt and invoice.

6)  Check out our website for DIY hair mask that can help with hair growth.

I hope this information helps.  You are not alone, we are not perfect beings, but realize there is help!





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