Hair Loss: Human Hair Patch For Bald Spots

Hair Patch For Bald Spots

We are known for our hair loss innovations! Our latest innovation is custom made human hair patches, available in all colors.  There are some hair patches available in the market, but they are generally made of synthetic hair, short in length and only offered in dark hair colors.

We noticed a need in the industry for hair patches for those with long and normal density hair, with random bald spots due to Trichotillomania and Alopecia Areata. A hair topper, or a wig, are often too much hair to cover the bald patch, and there is no hair present to attach hair extensions to. A hair topper is a great solution if hair is not present at the top of the head, and a wig works especially well for over-all balding.

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Hair patches are popular in the men's hair loss community, but they are glued directly onto the scalp.  Our system of attachment does not involve glue, therefore we do not damage the hair follicles.  Our clients with Trichotillomania and Alopecia Areata will experience hair growth, so it is necessary to not damage their hair.  

We started working with the hair patch with people that suffer from Alopecia, and often times that hair loss is at the nape of the neck.  Instead of trying to cover the balding with hair extensions; we carefully secure the patch onto the bald area.  This has been life-changing, especially when wearing hair up.  

Many of our clients are men and boys, they have been bullied due to not fitting in with others, and shaving their head does not look natural.  Since we have been working with the hair patch, they have experienced normalcy in their lives.  It is sad to think that bullying someone over looking different still exists, but it does.  

We are constantly making strides to help our clients with hair loss, and we have many options to suit their individual case.  We take pride in being a leader in the hair loss industry.  We also use our hair loss systems for the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly for those that are experiencing hair loss.  Many older trans-women have bald spots, and/or pattern balding -- our solutions are life altering.  

Every hair prosthesis can be customized to match our clients hair color, hair density, length and existing style!  We also help with insurance coverage for those who have insurance plans that cover wigs, hair prosthesis, etc.

If you, or someone you love, is experiencing hair loss, feel free to use the link below to book a free and private consultations.  




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