Summer 2024 Trends: Wet Look Hair Style Women

The Wet Look Hair Style

Summer 2024 Trends: Wet Look Hair Style Women Unveiled

Model with glossy wet hair lounging by a pool, basking in the golden sunlight.

Key Highlights

  • For summer 2024, the wet look in hair is all the rage, catching on with both celebs and those who style their hair.
  • With this trend, no matter your hair type or how long it is, you can pull off a sleek and fancy appearance.
  • From slicked-back classics to braids that shine as if they're wet, celebrity hairstylists have got a bunch of different styles up their sleeves for achieving that desired wet look.
  • To nail the perfect wet look for your hair involves picking out just the right product and applying it step by step correctly.
  • By choosing suitable products and methods specific to your hair's needs and texture, keeping that glossy finish all day becomes easier.
  • In essence, opting for hairstyles with a wet look is an excellent way to stay cool during hot months while still looking effortlessly elegant.


For quite some time now, the wet look hairstyle has been all the rage and it's not going anywhere for summer 2024. It's a sleek, shiny style that fits in just about anywhere - from hanging out at the beach to shining on a red carpet event. Celebs and their hair wizards are really into this trend, constantly coming up with new twists to make it their own. What’s cool is that no matter what your hair type or length is – whether you're rocking short hair like Megan Fox or flowing tresses like Kim Kardashian – there’s a way to make this look work for you.

With options ranging from smooth slicked-back styles to more laid-back textured waves, everyone can find something they love within the wet look realm. This hairstyle doesn't just add an air of sophistication and elegance; it also keeps your hair looking its best even when temperatures soar during summer.

In our blog post today, we’re diving deep into some of the hottest wet look hairstyles set to dominate in summer 2024. Plus, we'll share handy tips on how you can nail these looks yourself and keep them looking great all day long. Whether you're after something easy-going or an eye-catching updo ready for any big event, stick around because these trendy suggestions are surefire ways to grab attention with your hair this coming season.

wet look hairstyle for summer 2024

Top Wet Look Hair Ideas for Summer 2024

In the summer of 2024, getting into the wet look hairstyle is a big thing. Whether you want something smooth and shiny or more rough and messy, there's a lot to try out. Here are some great ideas for rocking that wet look hair this coming summer:

1. The Classic Sleek Back

The wet look with a sleek back is always in fashion, making it perfect for fancy events or when you're stepping out on the red carpet. To get this classic hairstyle, begin by putting some strong hair gel into your damp hair. Then comb it back to smooth any stray hairs and use a fine-toothed comb for that neat parting line. While straight hair is ideal for this style, don't worry if your hair's got a bit of wave or curl; you can still rock it! Lastly, add some shine spray or hair oil to give your sleek do that glossy finish everyone loves.

a girl with a layered hair cut with gel and layers

2. Hydro Bob with Face Framing Layers

For those with short hair wanting to dive into the wet look trend, the hydro bob is a must-try for summer 2024. It's an edgy yet sophisticated cut that frames your face beautifully, and it has been seen on stars like Megan Fox. To get this bold style, begin by working some hair gel through damp hair from root to tip. Then comb your hair back and mess it up a bit with your fingers for that tousled vibe. A final spritz of texturizing spray will give those face-framing layers extra volume and definition. Whether you're dressing up or keeping it casual, this hairstyle keeps you looking sharp while rocking both the short hair and wet look trends perfectly.

Curly wet look hair

3. Textured Waves Wet Look

For those aiming for a laid-back, beachy feel, the textured waves with a wet look is an ideal pick. Celebs like Hailey Bieber have made this hairstyle quite popular by mixing cool waves and the trendy wet appearance to craft something really stylish. To get this look going, begin with damp hair and spritz some texturizing spray on the middle parts down to the tips. With a paddle brush in hand, gently create loose waves then mess it up slightly for that natural beach effect. The final touch involves using some hair gel; just dab it onto your roots and ends to nail that sought-after wet look finish. This hairstyle isn't just perfect for hitting the beach but also works wonders for any relaxed summer event you've got lined up - truly capturing that easygoing summer vibe.

hydro bob wet look hair style

4. Side-Parted Glossy Curls

If you're aiming for a hairstyle that's both fancy and sleek, the side-parted glossy curls are just what you need. This look has been made famous by stars like Bella Hadid and is all about combining the classy vibe of a side part with a shiny, wet appearance to catch everyone's attention. To get this style going, begin with applying some hair oil on damp hair mainly around the middle parts down to the tips. Then make a sharp side part and use curling tongs to create soft waves. To cap it off, slather on some wet look hair gel at both roots and ends for that moisture-packed effect. Whether it’s an upscale gathering or an evening out, this hairstyle adds just the right amount of sparkle to your ensemble.

slick back wet look hairstyle

5. The Wet and Wild Ponytail

The wet and wild ponytail is all about having fun with the trendy wet look. Celebs like Zendaya have made it popular, showing us how to mix a sleek, damp hair vibe with the easy-going nature of a ponytail. To get this hairstyle going, begin by working some strong hold gel into your damp hair. You'll want to comb it back neatly, taking care of any stray hairs or flyaways in the process. Then pull your hair up into either a high or low ponytail and keep it in place with an elastic band. For that extra touch, mess it up slightly with your fingers for more texture and finish off by applying some more wet look hair gel at both the roots and tips for that signature shiny effect. Whether you're heading out for a casual day or dancing away the night, this playful hairstyle adds just the right amount of fun to your style.

wet top knot ponytail hair style

6. Braided Elegance with a Wet Finish

If you're aiming for a fancy and polished wet hairstyle, going for the braided look with a wet finish is your best bet. Celebrities' hairstylists love this style because it mixes cool braids with that trendy wet appearance, making anyone stand out. To get this look right, begin by putting some hair gel on damp hair to give it that slick back look while taming any stray hairs. Then pick between starting a French braid or fishtail from the top of your head and keep at it till you reach the end. Use more gel on both the roots and tips of your braid to nail that shiny wet effect. This hairstyle isn't just stunning; it's also perfect for dressy events or those times when you want to impress someone special with your styling prowess without straying from the fashionable wet look trend.

wet hair finish braids

7. The Undercut Wet Look

For anyone wanting to stand out with a daring and sharp hairstyle, the undercut wet look is just what you need. It's a cool mix of shaving parts of your hair short and styling the rest to look slick and shiny, inspired by what's hot in hairstyles right now. To get this style going, begin by putting some gel for that wet appearance into your damp hair, making sure both roots and tips get some love. Then comb it back but mess it up a bit with your fingers for that casual vibe. Keep the shaved part dry – it adds an unexpected twist! Finally, give everything a once-over with something to make your hair fuller and more textured. This way of doing your hair is awesome for folks eager to express their unique flair through their looks.

wet finish pixie cut with frosted tips

8. Frosted Tips with Wet Shine

If you're into that cool, old-school wet hairstyle vibe, mixing frosted tips with a shiny wet look is the way to go. It's all about bringing back that 90s feel but in a fresh and trendy way. To get this style rolling, begin by working some hair gel into your damp hair, paying extra attention to those ends and tips. With a comb or just using your fingers, spread the gel around so it covers evenly. This part helps add texture and gives off an easy-going yet put-together appearance. For the final touch-up, slap on some more of that wet look hair gel or spray to make sure your fropped tips stay glossy and in place throughout the day. This hairstyle hits right for anyone keen on rocking a bit of 90s nostalgia while keeping up with today's fashion trends.

How to Achieve the Perfect Wet Look

To get that perfect wet look for your hairstyle, you need to use the right stuff and know how to do it properly. Here's what can help:

  • Start with clean hair; this is key.
  • Find a good quality gel or pomade; these products are essential.
  • Apply the product evenly through damp hair, not soaking wet.
  • Use a comb or your fingers to style as desired.
  • Let it dry naturally for the best effect.

With these steps, achieving that cool wet look becomes pretty straightforward.

Selecting the Right Hair Product

When you're going for that wet look hairstyle, it's all about knowing your hair. If you've got fine hair, go with a light gel so it doesn't get all heavy and flat. For folks with curly or textured locks, pick a gel that adds moisture and helps define those curls without leaving them crunchy. Make sure the gel is meant for the wet look because not all gels are created equal—some give you shine without making your hair feel greasy. Try out different ones to see what suits your style and works best with your type of hair.

Step-by-Step Application Technique

To get that perfect wet look, here's what you need to do step by step:

  • Before anything else, start with your hair a bit damp. This hairstyle really shines when it begins on damp hair. Just give your hair a quick towel dry before moving on.
  • With the help of a wide-tooth comb, gently work through your hair. This helps in getting rid of any knots and makes sure the gel spreads out evenly later.
  • Now for the gel part: grab just a small dab of hair gel and warm it up by rubbing it between your hands. Then go ahead and apply this to your strands, paying extra attention to both roots and tips. You can use either fingers or a comb to make sure the gel covers everything nicely.
  • Next up is styling time! Use whatever tools you prefer - fingers or comb - to shape according into the wet look style you're aiming for. Whether that’s slicking everything back for something sleek or messing it up slightly for texture is totally up to you.
  • Finally, lock all that effort in with some strong-hold hairspray so nothing moves out of place.

By following these steps carefully using products like hair gel and hairspray, along with ensuring starting off right from having damp hair, achieving an eye-catching wet look hairstyle becomes pretty straightforward!

Maintaining Your Wet Look Throughout the Day

To keep your hair looking wet and stylish all day, here's what you should do:

  • Pick the right stuff: For that wet look hairstyle, go for products made just for it like gels and sprays. They help hold your style in place while keeping it shiny.
  • Don't mess with it: After getting your hair to look the way you want, try not to touch or comb through it too much. It could mess up the whole wet effect.
  • Bring along a small hairspray: Having a travel-sized hairspray on hand is great for quick fixes during the day. It'll make sure your hairstyle keeps its shape and glossiness.

Tips for Long-Lasting Hold

To make sure your wet look hairstyle stays put all day, here's what you can do. Begin with damp hair that's clean. This helps the products spread out evenly and gives a better hold.

Then, grab some strong-hold gel or pomade and work it into your strands. Pay extra attention to the top layer of your hair for the strongest grip. You can use a comb or just your fingers to get that desired wet look style, be it sleeked back or more textured.

After styling, lock everything in place with lots of hairspray. Choose one that promises a strong hold so your wet look doesn't budge as you go about your day. When spraying, keep the can around 12 inches from head; this way it'll cover all over evenly and help fixate on that glossy finish.

Lastly, try not to mess with your hair too much after styling—the oils on our hands could soften up those holding products making the hairstyle lose its edge quicker than we'd like! Just let your hair shine in its slick glory instead.

Now onto keeping that hairstyle looking fresh even when you're out and about

Refreshing Your Style on the Go

To keep your wet hair look fresh all day, you might need to fix it up a bit now and then. This could be due to the weather or just from moving around a lot. Here's how you can do that.

Start by splitting your hair into small sections. By doing this, you can pay extra attention to any parts that might need a little more help. With a paddle brush, gently smooth out any frizz or stray hairs sticking out. The bristles on these brushes are great for spreading your natural oils through your hair, making it look shiny and new again.

Then grab some hair gel or pomade but only use a tiny bit! Rub it between your fingers and apply it carefully to areas that aren't looking their best anymore, shaping them back into place as you go along. Remember not too much though; otherwise, your hairstyle will end up looking oily instead of coolly damp.

Wrap things up with just enough hairspray so everything stays put nicely after fixing those bits needing attention—keeping the whole wet appearance intact till bedtime comes around again.

And don’t forget: always have some mini-sized hairspray and brush handy for quick fixes wherever you are!

Now let's address some frequently asked questions about achieving the wet hair look.

wet finished hair cut for the summer 2024


To get the coolest look this summer, try out the wet hair trend with some amazing styles. Whether you're into smooth looks or wavy textures, there's a wet look that fits every event. Getting your hair to have that perfect damp appearance is simple if you use the right stuff and know how to apply it properly. For keeping your style in place all day, check out our top tips for a durable hold. If you're excited about sporting the wet look this summer, reach out for more tailored advice and suggestions on how to nail it. Keep up with fashion and rock these stunning wet hairstyles for Summer 2024!

Frequently Asked Questions

What products are best for achieving a wet hair look?

To get that wet hair look, you should go for hair gel, pomade, or liquid gel. These are great because they keep your hair in place really well and make it shiny. Depending on what kind of hair you have and how you want the wet look to turn out, one product might work better for you than the others.

How can I make my wet look last all day in summer heat?

To keep your hair looking wet and shiny all day during the hot summer, it's a good idea to use hairspray that really holds everything in place. Before you style your hair, adding some moisture can help stop it from getting frizzy and maintain that cool wet look. When picking out products, make sure they're meant for dealing with the heat and humidity of summer.

In wrapping things up, aiming for the wet look this Summer 2024 is something anyone can pull off. It doesn't matter if your hair is short or long or if it's straight or curly; there’s definitely a way to get that stylish wet appearance just right for you. Stick to these suggestions for keeping your hairstyle perfect throughout the day and know how to give it a quick fix when needed so you can wear this fashionable do confidently.

Make sure you pick products tailored specifically for your hair type and lock in the wet look with strong-hold hairspray. Dive into this sleek trend without hesitation—try different styles until you find what works best! Whether hitting up an event on the red carpet or chilling at beachside gatherings, wet hair will surely turn heads.

So why not go ahead? Embrace being bold by trying out various hairstyles within this trend over summer! Channeling some celebrity vibes might just be fun as well as glamorous while sporting such trendy looks.


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