what are hand tied hair extensions

what are hand tied hair extensions


 What are hand tied hair extensions?  My clients are asking me this question often?  Hand tied hair is literally tied onto a small thread by hand!  The track of the hair is much smaller than machine sewn tracks with the added benefit of the hair being remy.  Remy hair means the cuticle of the hair came from the donor as it grew versus hair that is picked out of brushes and sewn in different directions.  Non remy hair can tangle and literally blow up when wearing, and is loaded with silicone - once the silicone washes away the hair will knot and tangle.

What are hand tied hair extensions


I have been using hand tied hair extensions for decades, the most popular are taking several tracks of the hair, sew them together (based on the clients needs & hair thickness) and linked into hair using tiny micro links.  For additional security, we sew through each link to ensure the hair does not move.  Hand tied hair extensions lay extremely flat and are undetectable in average density hair.  The hair is re-usable, taken out and reinstalled every few months.  Many of our clients love the fact that their is no glue or heat used in the application process.

what are hand tied hair extensions

I also use hand tied hair to make wigs, individual extensions and clip on hair extensions.  The hair is a superior quality as mentioned above.

I would not recommend hand tied hair extensions for clients with very fine hair since they can slide easier than other types of hair extensions.  Extra care should be taken for maintaining these extensions such as brushing from the ends of the hair up, not pulling into a tight ponytail or adding excessive tension to hair from blow drying.

It is important to ask your hair extension salon for a free consultation to help determine which types of hair extension will work best for you.  The above video shows a great picture of what the hand tied hair extensions look like in hair.

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