What to do if your hair will not grow

What to do if your hair will not grow

I would estimate ninety percent of our clientele, over thirty, complain that their hair will not grow. The truth of the matter is that hair has a certain "shelf-life," and will stop growing at a particular length. Of course, maintaining a healthy scalp, and hair follicles (roots to ends) will help hair from breaking, but most hair will only grow so long. This is because our hair grows in a cycle of four stages, and as old hair sheds, new hair is growing in, at about 30 to 35 years of age, the hair growth cycle slows down. There are many factors that can affect the growth cycle such as genetics, nutrition, medication, aging, autoimmune disorders, and stress. But if you are not experiencing hair loss, then your hair has grown to its comfortable length.

I always encourage my clients to massage their scalp to increase blood flow to their hair follicles, eat a healthy (well-rounded) diet, and decrease stress, but if lifestyle changes do not help, then hair extensions may be the best option.

"You can buy your hair if it won't grow!" TLC -- Unpretty

Not all hair extensions are meant to add length, we can just add volume, or use hair extensions to add highlights! I love to share stories about our clients, with their consent of course.

The pictured client has been struggling to grow her hair, but it is naturally fine and tends to break at the ends. Diane suggested adding some hair extensions for volume, but once she saw the virgin hair extension that we stock, she was "gung ho" to have the long hair she always dreamed of.

We decided to use keratin individual strands because they last the longest in the hair (up to 5 months), with little to no maintenance. Other hair extensions require move-up appointments, every 6 to 8 weeks, but since her hair is fine -- they were not her best option. I do not use the beaded sew-in hair wefts on fine hair since they are not only difficult to hide, but they add too much tension. I do love beaded row extensions on clients with thicker hair, especially if they want a very thick and long mane.

Individual strands offer 360-degree mobility, which allows hair to be worn up, and they do not add tension to hair follicles. The caveat is that they must be properly applied, we place the strands on a considerable amount of the hair, and place the hair extensions a little less than 1/4 inch away from the scalp. You can literally rotate each extension to see how well they move, but if they are applied to close to the scalp; they will stick out, and can lead to traction.

In order to achieve maximum length and volume, the hair extensions have to be placed close to each other in tight rows, starting just above the nape of the neck. Clean sections are essential to avoid cross-over hairs, this occurs when a strand(s) from other areas of the head are mistakenly placed into an extension. Believe it or not, just one strand crossing over can be quite painful! This is why it is paramount to have hair extensions applied by a seasoned professional.

At our salon, we stock a variety of hair extension methods to suit our client's needs, desires, and hair quality. Always ask for a free hair extension consultation, and ask important questions. A professional will give you honest advice as to whether or not you are a candidate for hair extensions. Also, consider your lifestyle because extra time is necessary to maintain hair extensions. Think of your budget, the good news is that you will most likely highlight your hair less often because we can use hair extensions to create them. You will still be able to color your roots, some extensions may need to be removed for overall color, while others can remain in the hair. 

In general, our clients are addicted to their new hair, it is a rare occasion when someone is unhappy. Even though clip-in hair extensions are a good way to achieve longer hair, they do not compare to the experience of having hair extensions applied.  

We are here for all your questions, and will gladly help you even if you are not in our state. Feel free to comment below.  

Hair Loss background

With Alopecia Areata, fungal infections, other autoimmune diseases, thinning hair by Trichotillomania which removes hair follicles by physical means. At Noelle Salon, we cover the various approaches to hair solutions to treat hair loss, female pattern baldness, balding spots, and other conditions to which you lose hair. At Noelle Salon, we focus on hair growth techniques. Hair systems and hair extension maintenance is part of the journey while wearing them. For Trichotillomania, as our hair grows they both will loosen, and service is required. The difference between a hair system and hair extensions for Trichotillomania clients varies based on the location of hair loss. 


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