How to Remove Keratin Bond Hair Extensions Easily

How to remove keratin bond hair extensions easily

Removing keratin bond hair extensions can be quite frustrating, mainly because human hair sheds over one hundred strands per day, and while wearing k-bonds, the shedding will trap above the keratin bond. It will take some extra effort to remove the shedding especially if they have been in the hair for over five months.

On the other hand, removing freshly applied hair extensions can be challenging since the bond is harder to break down, and keratin bond hair extensions tend to soften with time.

My advice on removing keratin hair extensions is mostly for professional stylists, that being said, if you do this at home proceed with caution.


Over my thirty-year tenure working with keratin-bonded hair extensions, aka fusion hair, I have tested several removal solutions, and much to my dismay -- they do not work very well. I recently tested "D bond Keratin Hair Extension Remover," a small bottle is $20 and does not work any better than the solution I make. Additionally, heavy oil-type removal solutions do not break down the keratin bonds and leave too much residue on the hair. Never heat the bonds to remove them, this will spread the adhesive throughout the head, and lead to disaster. Below are the Ingredients for my removal solution, with mixing instructions.

1) in a 4-ounce color bottle, fill the bottle with 3 ounces of 50% rubbing alcohol, (I prefer "Swan" Wintergreen Brand). The minty-scented alcohol smells quite clean.

2). In the same bottle mix 1 ounce of Aloe Vera Gel, you can find this online or at a drug store. I prefer the gel because it is slippery and helps the k-bonds to slide out of the hair.

3). Mix the solution well, and use the tip of the color applicator bottle to apply a few drops directly on the bond.

Next Steps

1). Us a flat nose plier, or a hair extension removal plier, and crack the bond at least three to 4 times.

2). Slide the hair extensions out of the hair, now it is time to address the shedding.

Tip For Professionals Only

3) Use a straight stainless steel end dental probe to carefully remove the residual shedding. Be careful since the probe is quite sharp, I use the probe in several directions to work out the knotted natural hair fall. Do not purchase the probe with a curved end.

The probe is only $6.99, and it has been a lifesaver! I also use it to remove client hair that is extremely matted or knotted without hair extensions. (see link below for purchase on Amazon).

4) Next, apply a leave-in conditioner to the area, and comb away the shedding with a fine tooth comb.

5) Once all of the keratin bonds are removed, gently brush the hair with a wet brush, and then a boars bristle brush. The boar bristle distributes natural hair oils, and it will keep the hair healthy.

Now it is time to wash the hair, I suggest using a "clarifying shampoo," such as; Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo. I love their product because it will deeply clean the hair, but not over-strip the hair cuticle.

It is important to not add any conditioner if you plan to reapply for hair extensions. If you are not reapplying, then use a hair mask to rehydrate the hair, and proceed with styling.

If you are reapplying keratin hair extensions, spray a light leave-in conditioner on the hair, first brush through the hair with a wet brush, and then switch to a wide tooth comb.  Thoroughly rinse the hair, I suggest at least four to five minutes.

This removal technique has never failed me! It is important to take your time when removing keratin bonds, especially to avoid tugging on natural hair. Following these steps has allowed me to keep the same hair extension clients in my chair for decades! 


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Hair Extensions Background

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