Babyliss Cryocare Brush Stylist Review For Curly Hair And Hair Extensions

Babyliss Cryocare Brush Stylist Review

I purchased the Babyliss Crycocare brush over two years ago, the concept of freezing hair in order to lock in moisture is accurate, but after using it on my own hair for nearly three months, I did not see a difference. My naturally fine hair, on the oily side, really did not benefit since I have plenty of my own natural oil.  

I then embarked on a journey to use the brush on moisture-depleted hair, i.e. curly hair, natural hair, and hair extensions. I was more concerned about the ends of hair extensions that were over six months old.  

In theory, the brush does not freeze hair, the actual temperature is approximately 50 degrees, mainly because of the vents in the brush that blow out hot air.  


1) It is essential to detangle the ends of the hair, prior to using the cold brush because the steel bristles can rip the hair.

2) The brush can be used in both wet or dry hair, the brush did absolutely nothing for dry hair. The concept is the freezing brush helps to align the hair cuticle, thus promoting shine -- no bueno -- it did not work.

3) I used the brush on coarse curly hair, dried partially, and I did notice the brush stretched the hair and promoted some shine! 

4) Wash and blow-dry curly hair, add leave-in conditioner, use the cryobrush to stretch the curl, and you will see how shiny your hair will be. It is best to use the brush in horizontal sections of the hair.

5) I did not understand how this brush aligned the hair cuticle any more than any other type of hair brush.

6)  For hair extensions; I recommend using the brush as soon as they are applied. After a six-month trial, I found the hair extensions to be hydrated.

I gave my brush to a client with curly/frizzy hair, she used it once per week, and after 6 months, her hair was more resilient, healthier, and shiny!  


I believe in the cold brush on curly, frizzy, or kinky hair, other textures will not benefit. Babyliss Cryocare brush is in need of a redesign, the warm airflow prevents the brush from truly freezing the hair.  

You can also take any metal brush, place it in your freezer overnight, and you will get the same result.  


If you think you may benefit from a "cold brush" try the Fernida Cold Brush, sole on Amazon for a third of the price of the Babyliss model. I do not think this is a "must-have," but if you have exhausted all resources to create healthier hair, it may be worth a try! 

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