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Hair Loss can occur for a myriad of reasons, and each solution is customized to your personal needs.  Hair extensions work best on diffuse hair loss (hair loss all over the head), and a hair topper (hair system) addresses hair loss at the top fo the head.  Our revolutionary system is designed to avoid shaving or gluing to the top of the head, which will further damage remaining hair follicles.  Instead, we use a beaded matrix without fish line that is also damaging.
Our hair toppers for Trichotillomania (hair pulling) will not only restore beautiful hair, but will create a barrier to prevent pulling.  Trichotillomania has become quite common, and we have been working with clients for over twenty years.  We understand why you pull, and how to help.
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  • Custom Hair Extensions for Trichotillomania
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  • Combline Invisible Hair Extensions which literally attached hair extensions on individual strands.
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Help To Grow Hair After Chemotherapy

Client Testimonial

We provide a system to take our clients from initial hair loss due to chemotherapy, to help while hair grows in (aka chemo hair).  We offer wigs (synthetic or human) during treatment, to hair toppers with hair extensions while growing in hair.  At this point, our clients are ready to shed their uncomfortable wigs, and desire to restore their original hair style.  We have had many success stories where our client's hair has grown back -- and we then create a beautiful cut, color and style! 

A client's review (in her own words).hair loss after chemotherapy



Her picture! 


We have been working with hair loss for over 20 years, Fox 25 Boston circa 2014, offers some important advice.  Working with hair loss after chemotherapy.


Hair Loss Due To Trichotillomania


Hair Loss Solutions

One of the leading causes of hair loss in teens, young adults and adults is an anxiety condition called "Trichotillomania" also know as "Hair Pulling." People will pull out hair all over the head, lashes and brows. Noelle Salon is using Hair Extensions for Trichotillomania and it is our goal to deter hair pulling utilizing our Hair Systems and/or custom made Hair Extensions.  We never shave or glue the systems in place, instead we a beaded matrix to secure the hair topper in place. You can live an active and exciting lifestyle. We also use micro hair extensions to fill in the thinning areas.


Hair Loss Extensions

Made of 100% Virgin Remy Hair, our hair toppers are in stock, and designed to cover the top of an average head.  You can clip the systems in place with our polyeurothane clips or we can tie your system in place anchored to our hair extensions which add even more hair!  Or we can use hair locs (tiny micro rings that clamp around your hair and the hair system.  The end result is natural and completely comfortable. You can curl or cut these hair toppers to create most any style you'd like.

Many female and male clients experience bald spots (Alopecia). Female Pattern Baldness, Trichotillomania, Menopause, Medication, Autoimmune disease and other related disease.  A great option for covering those bald spots are the simple to use hair toppers
“"I saw Noelle on a makeover show on Fox 25 morning show. The producer of the show had short hair like mine and 3 hours later she had a great head of hair. I never knew this existed, at least not for me. I am now content with my new look and we add highlights every so often as my mood changes."”
- Karen, Mother