Anti-Aging Hair Tips

Anti-Aging Hair Tips

Not only does our skin change with age, but our hair does too.  Our hair grows grey, feels brittle, thins, and hair cuts/styles may need some changing to achieve a youthful look.  Years ago, many women opted to cut their hair short once they were over the age of 30, this is not necessarily my advice.  Short hair is also beautiful as well as youthful, but you may prefer longer hair.  The ultimate goal is to keep your locks healthy and choose a style that works best for your facial shape while emphasizing your best assets.

Hair Styles

Below are some tips for hair cuts.

1)  Regardless of length, look for a style that does not drag down your face.  This can be achieved by creating layers on the sides of the head, long layers at the top of the head, and layers that frame your face. Below is a style that offers a soft side bang and lots of layers, this style can be worn from mid-length to long.  The layers add balance and softness to your face and can be styled straight or wavy.

Side Part With Side Bangs And Long Layers

Anti-Aging Hair Tips

2)  Consider your hair part.  A middle part can be rocked by women of any age, but can be harsh on the face. A middle part is not as soft on your features and calls attention to the forehead.  An oblong face is an ideal shape for middle hair parting. An over-directed side part can have the same effect as a middle part, it resembles a comb-over.  A great suggestion is an off-center part that is subtle on your features.  As we age, our jawline drops and squares off, an off-center part will draw attention away from your jaw and, will draw attention to your cheekbones.

3)  Bangs are not off-limits as we age, and they can draw attention to your beautiful eyes.  Bangs cut straight across your eyebrows and heavy will draw down your face and/or shorten it.  Consider soft wispy bangs or a soft side bang, these bang styles can be quite alluring.

4)  If your jaw is square or your face is full, it is best to not cut your hair at the jawline in a short bob.  It is a good idea to elongate the bob into a LOB (long bob) which will draw the focus away from your jawline.

LOB (Long Bob)

Anti-Aging Hair TIps

Hair Color

There are no steadfast rules for hair color, we all have a color preference.  I do advocate for hair highlights which add dimension and softness to any hair shade; from dark to light.  Dimension from highlights or balayage will make your hair look thicker.

Grey hair does tend to be brittle, but it also gives volume.  In today's day and age, hairstylists have amazing grey coverage hair colors that will add shine to your hair.  The best part is we do not have to use harsh chemicals to cover grey hair, hair color is filled with conditioning particles that add shine and improve the overall health of the hair. 

Wearing your hair grey is also quite liberating!  Purple shampoo/conditioner, I love Olaplex, will keep your grey hair bright and glistening.

Hair Treatments

Hair masks, Olaplex conditioning treatments, and keratin treatments are a no-excuse way to improve the health of your hair.  Acid-based glossing, we use Matrix Acidic Toner, can be applied with or without a color service.  Acid-based glossing will close the hair cuticle and lock in shine!

Your Scalp

A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair!  A good scalp massage not only feels amazing but will help increase blood flow to the hair follicle which will result in hair growth.  If your scalp is dry or oily, there is a myriad of products to help alleviate the condition.  During winter months, dry heat wreaks havoc on our scalp - consider Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner.  The Paul Mitchell line has the ever-popular "Tea Tree Special Shampoo," which invigorates the scalp and helps with dandruff and flaky scalps.

Hair Loss

As the decades pass, hormonal changes can drastically change our hair growth.  Medications may also lead to hair loss.  Consider hair growth vitamins containing Biotin and do not rule out products such as Rogaine (check with your dermatologist.  There are many medical spa treatments such as PRF injections (Platelet Rich Fibrin) which use our blood's growth factors to wake up slow-growing hair follicles. PRF has been used in dentistry for decades to help build bone, it may be the perfect solution for you.

If your hair is not at its best, hair extensions and hair toppers will definitely add more hair.  This is an aesthetic approach, but many love the look.

Hair Topper


Look Good Feel Good

We can not stop the aging process, but we can certainly slow it down!  Great hair raises our confidence, enjoying our maturity can be quite liberating.

Best Hair Extensions For Hair Loss

The Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extension method is best for hair loss due to Female Pattern Baldness, Lupus, Alopecia Areata, fungal infections, and Trichotillomania because we are able to remove them as they loosened and readjust as often as needed. They are added to areas of the head that your hair follicles will support and they do not hurt while wearing.

Best Practice

It is important to go to a salon/stylist that has experience working with hair loss. Attaching extensions is not a mindless endeavor, careful attention needs to be paid to each area of the head. Often, adding fewer hair extensions is paramount, strategically placing hair extensions for your own hair's individual needs is the goal.

Free Consultations

At Noelle Salon, we offer free and private consultations to ensure you are the perfect candidate for hair extensions or possibly a hair topper. Our experience speaks for itself. It is our goal to keep your own hair healthy and train other salons to do the same.

Customer Service

We give every client special attention, you are special to us and your hair is our work of art. Our intention is to create the best hair for you and our customer service and expertise will prove it. 




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