Best Hair Extensions for Hair Loss

Best Hair Extensions for Hair Loss

Best Hair Extensions For Hair Loss

In over my 30-year tenure as a hair salon owner specializing in hair loss and hair extensions, I am often asked which hair extensions are best for hair thinning and hair loss.  

What types of hair loss are commonly seen

There are a few autoimmune disorders that will affect hair loss, Alopecia Areata is one, Lupus is another - where the immune system attacks your follicles or your skin imbalance due to swelling can make you lose hair. Hormonal imbalances, side effects of cancer treatments, fungal infections are other medical conditions outside of the immune response. Most of these cannot be solved with hair transplant solutions, or hair care products that would promote hair growth.


Best Hair Extensions For Hair Loss


What Is Important To Understand

Hair extensions do not cover hair loss at the top of the head because four to five inches of your own hair at the top and crown are necessary to cover the extensions. In this case, a hair topper aka hair system is the best solution. You can still add hair extensions beneath the topper and this method is the best way to cover and add length throughout the head. The combination of a hair topper and hair extensions is far more comfortable than a wig and will look natural.

Not All Hair Extensions Are Created Equal

The goal is to keep your natural hair healthy, many types of hair extensions are too heavy and will add stress to already compromised hair follicles. If you have Alopecia and Trichotillomania (possible short-term conditions) it is important to keep your hair healthy without causing any further damage. This is why we created Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions.

What Makes Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions Different

Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions are designed to be fully customizable to your own hair, unlike heavy hand-tied tracks and weaves, they come in 2 different sizes. Each 50-gram pack contains (3) 2.75" width pieces and (4) 1.25" pieces, the larger pieces are applied to higher hair follicle density of the head such as the mid-back, and the smaller pieces are used under the occipital bone, crown, and sides of the head where the hair follicles are less dense.  

The application requires no glue, tape, or sewing! Instead, we pull your own hair through the extensions and secure it with a non-damaging silicone bead. The bead is protected under the hair extensions to avoid pulling and loosening while wearing. The extensions are tension-free, placed a bit away from your scalp which allows them to hang freely without pulling on your own hair.

What's even better is the removal process! Since the hair extensions are virtually tension-free, you will not have a lot of shedding to remove. We simply open the bead, remove the extensions and brush away the small amount of natural hair shedding that occurs daily. Natural hair shedding is part of the hair growth process (100+/- strands per day), whereas excessive shedding occurs when there is too much tension due to heavy extensions, sewing or extensions placed too close to the scalp.

Client's who do not experience hair loss can use other methods and add more hair (still mindfully), but hair loss is a completely different situation.

We designed this method and it became so popular that we sell and train other salons across the United States and our affiliate salons could not be happier!

Best Hair Extensions For Hair Loss

The Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extension method is best for hair loss due to Female Pattern Baldness, Lupus, Alopecia, and Trichotillomania because we are able to remove them as they loosened and readjust as often as needed. They are added to areas of the head that your hair follicles will support and they do not hurt while wearing.

Best Practice

It is important to go to a salon/stylist that has experience working with hair loss. Attaching extensions is not a mindless endeavor, careful attention needs to be paid to each area of the head. Often, adding fewer hair extensions is paramount, strategically placing hair extensions for your own hair's individual needs is the goal.

Free Consultations

At Noelle Salon, we offer free and private consultations to ensure you are the perfect candidate for hair extensions or possibly a hair topper. Our experience speaks for itself. It is our goal to keep your own hair healthy and train other salons to do the same.

Customer Service

We give every client special attention, you are special to us and your hair is our work of art. Our intention is to create the best hair for you and our customer service and expertise will prove it.


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