Can you wear hair extensions if you have hair loss?

Can you wear hair extensions if you have hair loss?

Losing hair can be a distressing experience for women. It can impact self-esteem and overall confidence. Thankfully, advancements in the beauty industry have provided solutions to address this concern. One such option is the use of hair extensions. In this blog post, we will explore the possibilities of using hair extensions as a solution for individuals experiencing hair loss. From understanding different hair loss conditions to exploring suitable extension methods, we will provide insights and guidance for those seeking to regain their confidence.

I am often asked if hair extensions work for hair loss mostly because hair extensions seem like an easier and viable solution. Below is a breakdown of my opinion.

Section 1: Understanding Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur due to various reasons, including conditions like alopecia areata, female pattern balding, or even as a result of chemotherapy. It is crucial to identify the underlying cause of hair loss before considering any hair extension method. Consulting with a medical professional or a trichologist can help determine the cause and guide you toward the most suitable solution.

Section 2: Hair Extensions for Hair Loss

It is important to understand that you need hair to cover the hair extension attachment, therefore, if your hair is thinning at the top of the head, hair extensions may not be your best option. In this case, a hair topper with hair extensions will be a better option!

Hair Loss At The Top Of The Head:

Although, we do offer 2 types of micro hair extensions that may be hidden in your hair, these work for those with diffuse hair loss due to chemotherapy-induced hair loss, alopecia areata, patches of hair loss, alopecia universalis, lichen planopilaris, and trichotillomania. The micro extensions are attached to tiny strands of your own hair and are well hidden by small amounts of your own hair.

The Combline Technique is a technique called a strand-by-strand attachment, we attach one strand of hair extensions, to one strand of your own hair. We comb in an adhesive and then separate the hair extensions to mimic your own hair growth.

V-Light hair extensions attach more than a few strands and work best on individuals with limited hair loss. We attach 4 to 5 strands, to 2 to 3 strands of your hair. These extensions are undetectable and very secure. They lay flat, and are very easy to remove. The adhesive is expertly matched to your hair color and is cured for a long-lasting result.

V-light hair extensions for hair loss

Check Out Our Micro Extension Video Below:

Hair Extensions For Hair Loss On The Sides, Crown & Back Of The Head:

Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions have emerged as a popular choice for individuals experiencing hair loss. These innovative extensions offer a non-invasive, comfortable, and natural-looking solution. Made from high-quality human hair, Veila extensions are designed to seamlessly blend with your existing hair, providing volume and length while covering areas affected by hair loss. The pull-thru technique ensures that the extensions are secured without causing any damage or strain to the existing hair.

The Pull-Thru method is secured by your natural hair, and can be attached to as little as 3/4" of hair. They are well hidden in hair that has more density than those with hair loss described above. We often use these hair extensions for those with Trichotillomania, using them to on bald patches! The feedback is that our Trich clients do not pull on these extensions since the sensation of pulling differs when wearing them. Changing the texture of ones hair helps to prevent pulling, and will lead to hair loss; "the barrier effect!" 

Section 3: Choosing the Right Method

While Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions are a great option for many, it's important to understand that different individuals may have varying requirements. Micro bond hair extensions, for example, can be combined with pull-thru extensions to provide additional coverage and a more personalized result. Consulting with a certified hair extension specialist can help determine the most suitable method based on your unique needs.

A hybrid technique; a mix of 2 or more extension methods, may give you the optimal experience. Often we use one type of hair extensions on denser areas of your hair, combined with micro hair extensions; micro keratin bonds, V-light hair extensions, or Combline hair extensions on hair loss areas.

Section 4: Caring for Hair Extensions

Once you've chosen the right method, proper care is essential to maintain the longevity and quality of your hair extensions. Regular maintenance appointments and following specific care instructions provided by your stylist are crucial. This includes using gentle hair products, avoiding excessive heat styling, and being mindful of how you brush and style your hair to prevent tangling or damage.

If you are experiencing hair loss, and you are wearing hair extensions, you will need to check in with us more often. We require a free two-week check-in to help you on your journey, at this visit we will address any potential issues and fix them immediately. Unlike one not experiencing hair loss, hair extensions may need adjusting, repositioning, or blending. It may take a few salon visits to create the best extensions for your individual hair loss situation.



Hair extensions can be a transformative solution for individuals experiencing hair loss. Whether you're dealing with alopecia areata, female pattern balding, or hair loss due to chemotherapy, the advancements in hair extension techniques offer hope and confidence. By understanding the different hair loss conditions, choosing the right method, and providing proper care, you can embrace the beauty of extensions while enhancing your self-esteem. Remember, consult with a professional to ensure you receive personalized advice tailored to your unique situation.

We recommend a free hair loss consultation, you are not alone in your hair loss journey, and we have great experience with all types of hair loss. Please allow us to help restore your hair. 

Hair Loss background

With Alopecia Areata, fungal infections, other autoimmune diseases, thinning hair by Trichotillomania which removes hair follicles by physical means. At Noelle Salon, we cover the various approaches to hair solutions to treat hair loss, female pattern baldness, balding spots, and other conditions to which you lose hair. At Noelle Salon, we focus on hair growth techniques. Hair systems and hair extension maintenance is part of the journey while wearing them. For Trichotillomania, as our hair grows they both will loosen, and service is required. The difference between a hair system and hair extensions for Trichotillomania clients varies based on the location of hair loss. 


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