What should you be paying for hair extensions?

What should you be paying for hair extensions?

Decoding Hair Extension Prices: What Factors Determine the Cost?

Introduction to Hair Extensions

As someone who has always been passionate about hair and beauty, I understand the desire to achieve that perfect, voluminous mane. However, not all of us are blessed with naturally thick and luscious locks. This is where hair extensions come to the rescue. Hair extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a quick and convenient way to add length, and volume, and even experiment with different hairstyles. But have you ever wondered why the cost of hair extensions can vary so much? In this article, we will delve into the factors that determine the cost of hair extensions, helping you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing them.

One of the first questions I receive regarding hair extensions is, "How much do they cost." There are variables -- but I plan to explain everything you need to know, and click on the video to understand techniques, quantities, and pricing.

TikTok is flooded with videos from hair stylists, and hair extensions wearers questioning the prices they charge and pay for hair extensions. Some stylists believe that salons are charging too much for hair extensions, while others believe they she be paid an ample price for a luxury service.  

A major factor is whether or not your stylist/salon upcharges for the cost of the hair extensions. A salon will purchase hair extensions at a wholesale price, and some charge the exact cost they paid for the hair extensions. Others believe in adding extra fees for matching and ordering your hair -- this has caused a lot of controversy among TikTokers.  

At our salon, we have our hair extensions manufactured in bulk. Our hair extensions are stocked in a variety of methods; keratin bonded, beaded row wefts, i-tips, tape hair extensions, and pull-thru hair extensions. They come in a variety of colors and lengths that are wholesaled to other salons, and are available for same-day service in salon. Our monetary investment allows for us to offer our clients the most competitive prices for the hair.  

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Before we dive into the factors that determine the cost of hair extensions, it's important to understand the different types available in the market. Hair extensions come in a variety of materials, including synthetic hair and human hair. While synthetic hair extensions are more affordable, they lack the natural look and feel of human hair extensions. Human hair extensions, on the other hand, can be further classified into two categories: non-Remy hair extensions and Remy hair extensions. Non-remy hair extensions are collected from various sources and can be of lower quality. Remy hair extensions, on the other hand, are sourced from a single donor and have all the cuticles aligned in one direction, ensuring a more natural and long-lasting look.

You are also paying for an expert extension expert to apply your hair extensions -- time is money. Therefore, you are paying for the time it takes for an impeccable hair extension installation, cutting/blending and styling.

Below is an in-depth video explaining types of hair extensions, quality, and much more. Please take the time to view the video to learn all about hair extensions

Learn about hair extensions

Factors that Determine the Cost of Hair Extensions

Now that we have a basic understanding of the different types of hair extensions, let's dive into the factors that can influence their cost. One of the primary factors is the quality of the hair used. High-quality human hair extensions, especially those made from virgin remy hair, tend to be more expensive. This is because the hair is sourced from a single donor, ensuring consistency in texture and color. Additionally, the cuticles are intact, which prevents tangling and shedding. On the other hand, lower-quality hair extensions may be more affordable, but they may not last as long or provide the desired natural look.

Another factor that can impact the cost of hair extensions is the method used to attach them. There are various methods available, including beaded row and keratin bond. The beaded row method involves attaching the extensions to small sections of hair using silicone-lined beads. This method is relatively quick and easy to apply, making it a popular choice. On the other hand, keratin bond extensions use a heat-activated adhesive to bond the extensions to the natural hair. This method requires more time and skill, hence the higher cost. It's important to consider the method that best suits your lifestyle and budget when choosing hair extensions.

In metropolitan areas, such as New York and Los Angeles, you will most likely be paying a premium fee for your hair extensions, since most hair services are higher priced. Most importantly, having your extensions applied at a professional salon will ensure that they will offer the best customer service. You want a salon that supports your hair extension journey, and they may factor in the price of subsequent check-ins and even extension-friendly hair care products.

Prices for hair extensions vary based on the method, amount of hair used, length and weight of the hair extensions, and quality of the hair. Below is a range of what you may pay for a full set of hair extensions, we show the lowest and highest range for each method. Remember, a full set will give you length, and volume to match your hair thickness. The pricing assumes that you are purchasing the highest quality hair, and reflects application, cutting, and styling. Your price may fall somewhere in between the ranges. The average price reflects our prices 

 Beaded Sew-In Virgin Hair (Genius Wefts, Volume Wefts, Hand Tied, and Machine Weft):

Low range: $550.             High range: $3000.    Average $1100

Individual Strands: Keratin Bonds & I-tip hair extensions

Low range: $550             High Range: $5000.   Average $1100

Tape Hair Extensions

Low range: $450              High Range $2500.   Average $950

Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions

Low range: $450.              High range: $2000   Average: $950

Combline & V-light micro bonded hair extensions

Low range: $200               High range:  $3000.  Average $1200

The Importance of Quality in Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, quality should always be a top priority. Investing in high-quality hair extensions may require a larger initial investment, but it will save you money in the long run. High-quality hair extensions not only look more natural but also last longer, ultimately reducing the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, they can be styled, washed, and treated just like your natural hair, providing you with endless possibilities when it comes to hair styling. So, while it may be tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, remember that quality should never be compromised when it comes to your hair.

Inferior hair extensions may be made from non-remy hair where the hair cuticle is not aligned, or they may contain a mix of synthetic hair. You do get what you pay for, therefore, you want to wear virgin (one-donor hair), to avoid matting and knots.


Understanding the Difference Between Luxury Hair Extensions and Overpriced Ones

In the world of hair extensions, it's important to distinguish between luxury hair extensions and overpriced ones. Luxury hair extensions are made from the finest quality hair, sourced ethically, and processed with utmost care. These extensions are meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless blend with your natural hair, offering a flawless and natural look. On the other hand, overpriced hair extensions may not necessarily be of higher quality. Some brands hike the prices without offering any additional benefits, taking advantage of the consumer's desire for luxurious hair. It's crucial to do thorough research and read reviews before investing in hair extensions to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Exploring Popular Hair Extension Methods: Beaded Row and Keratin Bond

Now that we have discussed the importance of quality and the difference between luxury hair extensions and overpriced ones, let's delve into two popular hair extension methods: beaded row and keratin bond. The beaded row method involves attaching small sections of hair extensions to your natural hair using silicone-lined beads. This method is known for its versatility and flexibility, allowing for easy maintenance and adjustment. On the other hand, the keratin bond method uses a heat-activated adhesive to bond the extensions to your natural hair. This method offers a more permanent solution, with the extensions lasting for several months. Both methods have their pros and cons, so it's important to consult with a professional stylist to determine which method is best suited for your hair type and lifestyle. Seek a free consultation where your stylist takes the time to evaluate your hair to determine which hair extension method will work best for you.

The Risks of Purchasing Hair Extensions on Amazon

In today's digital age, online shopping has become the norm. However, when it comes to hair extensions, purchasing them on platforms like Amazon can pose certain risks. While the convenience and affordability may be tempting, the quality and authenticity of the hair extensions can be questionable. Many sellers on Amazon offer cheap hair extensions that are often made from synthetic hair or low-quality human hair. Additionally, there is a risk of receiving counterfeit products or hair extensions that do not live up to their advertised quality. To ensure you are getting genuine and high-quality hair extensions, it's advisable to purchase them from reputable hair extension brands or certified salons.

The Benefits of Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, virgin Remy hair is often considered the gold standard. Virgin remy hair is sourced from a single donor and has never been chemically processed or treated. This means that the hair retains its natural shine, strength, and texture. Additionally, since the cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction, the extensions are less prone to tangling and shedding. Virgin remy hair extensions can be styled, colored, and treated just like your natural hair, providing you with endless possibilities. While they may come with a higher price tag, the quality and longevity of virgin remy hair extensions make them a worthwhile investment for those seeking the most natural and luxurious results.

The Influence of TikTok on Hair Extension Trends

In recent years, TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform influencing various trends, including hair extensions. TikTok has become a hub for beauty enthusiasts, with users sharing their experiences and showcasing different hairstyles using hair extensions. This has led to an increase in demand for certain types of extensions, such as clip-in extensions and tape-in extensions. TikTok has also popularized unique hair extension techniques, like the "invisible bead" method, which offers a seamless and undetectable look. As TikTok continues to shape beauty trends, it's important to stay informed and explore the latest hair extension techniques and products that align with your preferences and needs.

You need to be your own advocate when listening to others' advice, and of course, your budget is crucial. Do not be afraid to share your budget with your hair extension expert so that they can give you alternate advice to suit your budget. Your budget may include wearing a partial set of hair extensions for volume, and that may be enough to make the changes you want.  

Conclusion: Making an Informed Decision When Purchasing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be a game-changer when it comes to achieving the hair of your dreams. However, it's crucial to understand the factors that determine their cost and the importance of quality. Investing in high-quality hair extensions made from virgin remy hair may require a larger initial investment, but it will save you money in the long run. It's also important to distinguish between luxury hair extensions and overpriced ones, ensuring you get the best value for your money. When choosing a hair extension method, consider your lifestyle and budget, and consult with a professional stylist for personalized advice. Lastly, be cautious when purchasing hair extensions online, particularly on platforms like Amazon, to avoid counterfeit or low-quality products. By making an informed decision, you can confidently rock beautiful and natural-looking hair extensions that enhance your overall look and boost your confidence.

Hair Extensions Background

At Noelle Salon, they evaluate your natural hair, and listen to the client's wishes on styling, color match, and look. They use human hair extensions like 100% Remy human hair, or Virgin Hair (unlike Bellami hair). Hair extensions can be used for short hair or 24 inches of a full head of hair, and they have worked with different methods like tape-in extensions, clip-in hair extensions, Keratin and enjoy using the Veila Pull-thru method with the Veila Hair Extensions for ease of hair care. Styling can vary from flat iron, natural curl, or curly hair. Whether you are looking for a change of style or look for a day such as a Clip-in ponytail, having a high-quality ponytail extension can mix it up for you. Your natural hair journey with your hair growth can be enhanced with Hair extensions when protective styling is applied, and regular maintenance is used. You can change your hair in one day - feel free to reach out and explore the possibilities.


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