Best Hair Relaxing Technique For Natural Black Hair

Best Hair Relaxing Technique For Natural Black Hair

Wearing hair naturally is not only fashionable but quite in style! But what if your hair curls coil and are too tight to manage? There are solutions to loosen tight curls, based on the thickness of your own hair.  Some hair responds well to deep conditioning masks with hair steaming on a weekly basis, while others prefer a keratin treatment to subtly relax coils.

There is much controversy over traditional "sodium hydroxide" hair relaxers which are linked to ovarian and uterine cancer. We prefer to steer clear of these treatments and opt for safer solutions. 

A Keratin Treatment

We use the Brazilian Blowout brand because we have had years of consistent results. A keratin treatment is a protein coating that infuses protein and moisture into the hair shaft. The protective coating that seals the hair cuticle, is a coating that wears away between 3 to 5 months. On natural black hair, the treatment will help to calm curls, defrizz, and help to keep the hair manageable.

In no way is this treatment permanent, and it works best with consistent treatments to follow. I recommend having the treatment done on a 3-to-4-month basis, it is buildable, best results are seen after 3 treatments.

On extremely coiled hair, the first treatment is more difficult to apply to the hair since the hair must be clarified of all build-ups, which renders dry hair even more dry. Once the application is done, the consecutive treatment is easier to apply. Do not expect miracles after this treatment, but remember, it will get better as you continue with the treatment.

Cysteine Hair Treatment

Cysteine is an amino acid found in our hair, the treatment helps to accelerate alpha-keratin production which makes the hair shinier, and more manageable. The treatment is applied in the same manner of a keratin protein treatment, wash, application, flat iron, rinse and repeat. But I recommend this treatment for clients with fine natural hair that requires less smoothing effect.  

It certainly has a place in the smoothing world, but I prefer the results of the traditional keratin treatment. We can adjust the amount of flat iron passes on fine hair, and the results are healthier.

At-Home Protein Treatments

For dry hair, we strongly encourage that you use a protein treatment a few times per month. Keep in mind, that too much protein on the hair may lead to breakage, therefore, a few treatments a month is the best option.

I recommend Aphogee a two-step protein treatment that infuses magnesium into the hair to prevent breakage. It especially works well on damaged hair. This treatment can be performed in a salon or at home! Read the instructions carefully, and this is sure to help your hair.

CHI Japanese Straightening

If you prefer permanent hair straightening, try a Japanese straightening versus sodium hydroxide relaxer. This treatment cannot be used in conjunction with a hair relaxer, and a strand test is required.

At Noelle Salon, safe hair relaxing on all textures is our passion. We encourage free consultations and a hair evaluation. We offer free strand tests and consultations. 

Hair Extensions Background

At Noelle Salon, they evaluate your natural hair, and listen to the client's wishes on styling, color match, and look. They use human hair extensions like 100% Remy human hair, or Virgin Hair (unlike Bellami hair). Hair extensions can be used for short hair or 24 inches of a full head of hair, and they have worked with different methods like tape-in extensions, clip-in hair extensions, Keratin and enjoy using the Veila Pull-thru method with the Veila Hair Extensions for ease of hair care. Styling can vary from flat iron, natural curl, or curly hair. Whether you are looking for a change of style or look for a day such as a Clip-in ponytail, having a high-quality ponytail extension can mix it up for you. Your natural hair journey with your hair growth can be enhanced with Hair extensions when protective styling is applied, and regular maintenance is used. You can change your hair in one day - feel free to reach out and explore the possibilities.


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