Boston Hair Extensions - Get them today!

Boston Hair Extensions - Get them today!

Boston Hair Extensions: Enhance Your Look Today

Are you looking for the perfect hair extensions to transform your lookLook no further than Boston's best hair extension services. Whether you desire added volume, length, or fullness, our salon offers a wide range of hair extension options to suit your needs. With our expert stylists and top-quality products, we are committed to delivering natural-looking, seamless results. Join us on a journey to embrace the magic of hair extensions and discover a new level of confidence and style.

Embracing the Magic of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their ability to enhance natural hair and create stunning looks. You can achieve the volume, length, and fullness you've always dreamed of with hair extensions. Whether you have thinning hair, hair loss concerns, or simply want to experiment with different styles, hair extensions are a fantastic solution.

a close up picture of keratin micro bonds on a woman with blonde hair

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are strands of either real or synthetic hair that can be clipped, glued, or sewn into your hair. They offer versatility, allowing you to experiment with different styles and dramatically transform your appearance. At our salon, we offer various types of hair extensions, including weaves, volume wefts, and fullness wefts, to provide a natural, blended look that enhances your hair and scalp.

a partial set of Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions for volume

Why Choose Hair Extensions?

There are many reasons why people choose hair extensions. One of the main benefits is their ability to provide an instant transformation, boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Whether you're looking to add length, volume, or fullness to your hair, extensions offer a solution for every hair care need. Plus, hair extensions can be tailored to meet your individual styling preferences, ensuring that they seamlessly blend with your natural hair.

a before and after of a woman with hair extensions and platimum blonde hair

Types of Hair Extensions We Offer

At our salon, we take pride in offering a wide range of extension options to cater to different hair types and styling preferences. We understand that everyone's hair care needs are unique, which is why we provide personalized consultation services to help you choose the best hair extensions for your desired look. Our salon offers three popular types of hair extensions: bonded hair extensions, keratin hair extensions, and tape-in hair extensions.

Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded hair extensions are a great choice for those seeking a longer-term hair extension solution. These extensions offer a natural-looking result, blending seamlessly with your hair. Our skilled stylists use high-quality human hair extensions that can be customized to match your hair color and texture. With bonded hair extensions, you can achieve the added length and volume you desire without causing damage to your natural hair.

  • The extensions offer a natural-looking result, blending seamlessly with your hair.
  • They are a suitable choice for those seeking a longer-term hair extension solution.
  • Maintenance of bonded extensions typically involves regular salon visits.
  • The extensions can be customized to match your hair color and texture.
  • They provide added length and volume without causing damage to natural hair.

a college student wearing hair extensions in copper blonde color

Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions are known for their durability and long-lasting results. These extensions are heat-friendly, allowing you to style them with hot tools like curling irons. They provide a natural, free-flowing appearance, thanks to the virtually undetectable keratin bonds. At our salon, we offer keratin hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair, giving you a beautiful, natural look.

Keratin extensions are known for their durability and long-lasting results.

  • They are heat-friendly and allow for styling with hot tools like curling irons.
  • These extensions provide a natural, free-flowing appearance.
  • The keratin bonds are virtually undetectable, blending with natural hair.
  • Maintenance of keratin extensions involves following proper aftercare guidelines.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a popular choice for those looking for a quick and non-damaging hair extension solution. These extensions offer a seamless blend with your natural hair, ensuring a comfortable and natural feel. They are thin, lightweight, and can be reused with proper care and maintenance. With tape-in hair extensions, you have the flexibility to style your hair in different ways while enjoying the added length and volume.

  • Tape-in extensions offer a quick, non-damaging application process.
  • They are ideal for those looking for a temporary hair extension solution.
  • These extensions can be reused with proper care and maintenance.
  • The thin, lightweight tapes ensure a comfortable, natural feel.
  • Tape-in extensions provide flexibility for different styling options.

a close up photo of different types of tape hair extensions

Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions

Pull-Thru Extensions are a game-changer for anyone seeking instant volume and length. These extensions use a unique method of application, where your natural hair is pulled through the extensions for a seamless and natural look. They are perfect for adding body to thin or fine hair, giving you the luscious locks you've always dreamed of. With Veila pull-thru extensions, you can achieve your desired hairstyle effortlessly and confidently.

a close up photo of Veila Pull-Thru hair extensions

Beaded Sew-In Wefts and Braided Weaves

Beaded sew-in wefts and braided weaves are popular options for those seeking a longer-lasting hair extension solution. These methods involve attaching the extensions to your natural hair using either beads or braids, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Beaded sew-in wefts offer versatility in terms of styling, while braided weaves provide added volume and length. With proper maintenance, these extensions can last for several weeks, allowing you to enjoy your new look without any worries.

Beaded sew-in wefts and braided weaves provide a longer-lasting hair extension solution.

a picture of all types of hair extensions

a photo of weft hair extensions

How long do our Hair Extensions last?

The longevity of our hair extensions depends on various factors, such as individual hair growth and care. With proper care, our hair extensions can last through regular hair washes and styling. Our salon provides maintenance services to ensure the longevity of your extensions, and we also offer personalized advice on aftercare routines to maximize their lifespan.

Will Hair Extensions damage my natural hair?

When applied and maintained correctly, hair extensions should not cause damage to your natural hair. Our salon focuses on preserving the integrity of natural hair while applying extensions, using top-quality, human hair extensions that minimize the risk of damage. During an individual consultation, we assess the compatibility of extensions with your natural hair, ensuring a safe and healthy application process.

a woman with long blonde hair extensions

Can I style my Hair Extensions like my natural hair?

Absolutely! Hair extensions can be styled just like your natural hair. You can curl, straighten, braid, and style hair extensions as desired. They blend seamlessly with your hair, allowing for versatile styling options. Plus, extensions come in various curl patterns, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your natural hair.

a picture of sew-in weft hair extensions on highlighted blonde hair

The Consultation Phase

During the consultation, our expert team takes the time to understand your hair care routine, styling preferences, and any specific concerns you may have. We assess your hair, considering factors like thinning, hair loss, and volume, to provide tailored recommendations on the best hair extension systems for your hair type and desired look. Our consultation services ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations throughout the hair extension process.

The Application Phase

Once we've determined the best hair extensions for you, our skilled stylists begin the application process. We carefully and precisely apply the extensions to ensure a seamless blend with your natural hair. Our goal is to create a natural, full look by placing wefts and weaves in customized positions. The application phase is crucial in achieving the hair extensions' natural beauty, and we pay attention to every detail to deliver outstanding results.

The Maintenance and Care Phase

Proper care of hair extensions is essential for maintaining their natural-looking, healthy appearance. Our team provides guidance on how to care for and style your hair extensions at home, ensuring that you can enjoy them for an extended period. We also offer regular maintenance appointments to ensure your hair extensions remain in top condition. These services, combined with our expert advice on hair care products suitable for extensions, contribute to prolonging their lifespan.

Other Services We Offer

In addition to hair extension services, our salon offers a range of other services to help you achieve your desired look. From hair cutting and styling to hair coloring and highlights, we have all your hair care needs covered.

a woman with natural hair in black color with hair extensions

a balayage hair extension picture of an ashy color

Boston Salon Recognition

We have over 30 years of experience working with hair extensions of all kinds, and developing new methods to preserve your natural hair. We have been featured in many online and print publications from Boston Magazine, Fox News, Chronicle Boston, and AARP Magazine.

Salon Recognition and Reviews

Noelle Spinosa Owner of Noelle Salon Boston

Are you ready to transform your look with our Hair Extensions?

If you're ready to take your hair to the next level, our salon has the perfect hair extension services for you. Hair extensions can be a great way to transform your look quickly and easily, and Boston is home to many high-quality salons like ours that offer professional hair extension services for longer hair. Before getting hair extensions, it's important to do your research and choose a reputable salon with experienced stylists who can guide you through the process. Consult with a stylist to determine the best type of hair extensions for your hair type, lifestyle, and desired look.

Same-day Hair Extensions

At our salon, we understand that sometimes, you need hair extensions as soon as possible. That's why we offer same-day hair extensions, ensuring that you can achieve your desired look without having to wait. We have a wide selection of hair types and lengths available so that you can find the perfect match for your natural hair. Our salon prides itself on delivering high-quality service and quick turnaround times, making us the go-to salon for same-day hair extensions in Boston.

How much do hair extensions typically cost in Boston?

Hair extensions in Boston typically range in cost depending on the type, length, and quality of extensions. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1000 for hair extensions in Boston. It's best to consult with a hair salon or stylist to get an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

a before and after of a woman with textured hair with black hair extensions

Consultation In conclusion, our hair extension services offer a magical transformation for anyone looking to enhance their look. Whether you want longer, fuller, or more voluminous hair, our various types of hair extensions can cater to your desired style and hair goals. With bonded, keratin, and tape-in options available, you can choose the method that suits you best. Our experienced stylists ensure a seamless application process and guide maintenance and care. Additionally, we offer other services such as haircutting, styling, and coloring to complete your new look. Free consultations.


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