10 Hair Growth Tips While Wearing Extensions

10 Hair Growth Tips While Wearing Extensions

Many fear hair extensions will prevent their own hair from growing, actually, the opposite is true! Over my 25 year tenure as a hair extension expert, I have witnessed hair growth and healthier hair on my clients.  There are two caveats; (1) properly installed hair extensions (2) proper maintenance and hair care.  I attribute hair growth to people paying more attention to their hair while wearing hair extensions.  There are other factors that will help your hair to grow, so much so, that you may not have to wear hair extensions.  I have also witnessed that clients with damaged hair, had healthier hair after removing their hair extensions.

Below are some tips to keep your hair growing healthy.

1)  Brush your hair extensions at least 3 times per day and avoid tugging.  Tugging can lead to un-do stress on the hair follicles.  

2)  Dry your hair; hair is weakest when wet, therefore, drying your hair well will close the hair cuticle.

3)  Avoid tight buns and pony-tails.

4)  Using better products!  After investing in hair extensions; many use premium quality hair care which will lead to healthy hair growth.

5)  Do not re-curl or re-straighten hair with hot tools.  This will not only damage your hair extensions but your own hair in the extensions.

6)  Avoid alcohol-based products such as hair spray, gel, and mousse. Alcohol is drying - if you have curly hair think about a curl paste to control your curls.

7)  Sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid hair friction.  You can also wear a scarf or loose braid.

8)  Cut split ends with every extension application will ensure healthy hair. You won't even notice the cut while wearing hair extensions.

9)  Do not wash or dry your hair upside down.

10)  Massage your scalp!  Scalp massage can be done without roughing up the hair extensions.  A good massage will promote circulation and increase blood flow to the hair follicle.  In fact, I ask all of my clients with hair loss to start massaging their scalp.  It is miraculous,  3 to 5 minutes of a  massage will do wonders.   Many wearing hair extensions or experiencing hair loss tend to avoid massage and once they start, their hair grows.

Individual keratin bonded hair extensions on natural hair.

10 Hair Growth Tips While Wearing Extensions

I recommend all of the above to every hair extension wearer or those with medium to long length hair because it works wonders.  I never pressure my clients into wearing hair extensions, but I do strongly recommend proper hair care.  I would never want to damage anyone's hair where they are then committed to wearing extensions for a lifetime.  Although, many customers start with a full head application of hair extensions, and over time they switch to a half-head application.   Most long-time extension wearers have grown their own hair and may use some just for volume.

At Noelle Salon, we stock a variety of hair extensions methods to suit our client's individual hair needs.  Since extensions are not one-size-fits-all,  the hybrid application is also amazing (using more than one method of hair extensions for one person).  As previously stated, proper installation is the key to avoiding hair damage.  A free consultation is a sure-fire way to determine if you are a hair extensions candidate and which method is best for you.

If you have any hair growth tips, please feel free to comment below.  I purposely avoided massage oils because they can damage the hair extensions. 

What types of hair loss are commonly seen

There are a few autoimmune disorders that will affect hair loss, Alopecia Areata is one, Lupus is another - where the immune system attacks your follicles or your skin imbalance due to swelling can make you lose hair. Hormonal imbalances, side effects of cancer treatments, fungal infections are other medical conditions outside of the immune response. Most of these cannot be solved with hair transplant solutions, or hair care products that would promote hair growth.






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