Change Your Hair In A Day

Change Your Hair In A Day

Did you know that you change your hair in a day? Think of your ultimate hair color, length, and style; a hair make-over can achieve the hair of your dreams in less than 4 hours. At Noelle Salon, we stock our own brand of natural hair with Veila Hair Extensions, in a variety of methods, such as our "new" pull-thru method, individual keratin strand by strand, and tape-in extensions. One of these methods will work perfectly for your hair.  The use of human hair extensions within our product lines (unlike Bellami hair) either use 100% Remy human hair or Virgin human hair which are of the best high-quality hair you can obtain in up to 24 inches in length.

There is no guesswork, you will be able to consult with us, change your hair color (or color match it), and choose the extension method as well as color. Not many salons offer same-day hair extension service, this is our claim to fame. In most cases, you will visit a salon, look at hair swatches, order the hair extensions and return at a later time for your service. Our clients are so excited to change their hair since they want instant gratification! What's even better is we are open 6 days a week, and our stylists are ready to get to work to achieve your "dream hair."

Change Your Hair In A Day

Supply Chain

The current supply chain, for all imports, is lagging behind this is why I stay on top of hair extension orders and shipments.  These days stocking inventory can be quite difficult and frustrating, but we have always maintained inventory, so much so, that we also supply to other salon across the country.

Changing Your Hair

Our expert colorists guarantee a new beautiful hair color like a balayage, highlights and one process colors, but we can also use our hair extensions to give you an idea of what color you may want to achieve. Our clients love that they can touch, feel and see their new extensions, match color against their skin, and proceed immediately with their life-changing service.

Styling your hair with hair extensions is all part of the process. Get a natural curl, flat iron, or curly hair - your natural hair journey is yours to define as well as we account for hair growth and maintenance, especially when you opt to have a full head of hair extensions. We advise and assist on all hair care, and how to go about your wash day for your extensions and styling. We have worked with clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, clip-in ponytails (aka ponytail extensions) but the best experience is with the Pull-thru method and the crochet hook and silicon covered microbeads, you get less tension, easy maintenance, and long-lasting results.

Free Consultations

The journey starts with a free consultation where we explore pictures of hair color and a new hair look achieved with hair extensions.  Often, a client will choose to simply add volume to  their hair or opt for a longer/fuller style.  

You can also follow our social media; Instagram, Facebook and TikTok  handle Noelle Salon, to watch videos on how our extensions, view before/after photos, and select what may work best for you.  Explore our website for detailed information regarding our services, as well as informative blogs.

Hair Loss

We stock hair systems for those who are experiencing hair loss at the top of the head or all over the head.  We offer an attachment method that does not require glue or sewing.  A hair system can also be attached on the same day.  Hair systems come in a variety of sizes and colors, we will determine the best hair system for you, try it on and customize the system the same day.

Same Day Service Offers

1) Hair Color Transformation

2) Hair Extension Transformation

3) Hair System Transformation For Hair Loss

Our customers needs are paramount to us.  A free consultation is a necessity, from there we will assist you not only during your make-over, but beyond! If you are interested in any of our services, feel free to ask questions by filling out our "submission forms" available under all services.  You can upload a picture of your own hair (front, back and sides), as well as your desired outcome.  I will immediately respond with by best advice and schedule a consultation.


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